List of Collective Nouns – Things

Collective Noun Things
A batch of cookies
A library of books
A deck of cards
A queue of people
A bouquet of flowers
A chain of islands
A bundle of sticks
A pack of wolves
A stack of papers
A pile of clothes
A set of golf clubs
A string of pearls
A collection of stamps
A box of chocolates
A group of islands
A pair of gloves
A block of flats
A fleet of ships
A hands of bananas
A ream of paper
A slew of typos
A blob of paint
A wad of notes
A rack of ribs
A series of events
A bunch of keys
A clump of trees
A pad of paper
A book of matches
An edition of a magazine
A cluster of grapes
A strand of hair
A string of sausages
A litter of puppies
A drawer of socks
An album of photographs
A panel of experts
A galaxy of stars
A suite of rooms
A range of mountains
A forest of trees
A band of musicians
A hive of bees
A flight of stairs
A crowd of people
A chest of drawers
A heap of rubbish
A shoal of fish

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