Exercise: Collective Nouns

Exercise 1: Identifying Collective Nouns

In the following sentences, identify the collective noun. Choose from the given options and write your answer.

  1. A pack of wolves was spotted in the nearby forest. (Options: pack, wolves, spotted, forest)
  2. The choir sang beautifully at the Christmas carol service. (Options: choir, sang, beautifully, Christmas)
  3. A bouquet of flowers was delivered to my door this morning. (Options: bouquet, flowers, delivered, morning)
  4. She has a library of books in her living room. (Options: library, books, her, living)
  5. The team is working very hard for the upcoming match. (Options: team, working, hard, match)


  1. pack
  2. choir
  3. bouquet
  4. library
  5. team

Exercise 2: Fill in the Blanks

In the following sentences, fill in the blanks with an appropriate collective noun from the given list.

List: crowd, panel, bundle, bunch, suite

  1. The ________ of judges decided the fate of the contestant.
  2. A ________ of grapes was hanging from the vine.
  3. The singer faced a ________ of fans as she walked off stage.
  4. I have a ________ of work to get through before I can relax.
  5. The celebrity stayed in a ________ of rooms at the hotel.


  1. panel
  2. bunch
  3. crowd
  4. bundle
  5. suite

Exercise 3: Multiple Choice Questions

Select the most suitable collective noun to complete the sentence.

  1. The __________ of musicians played for hours. (orchestra/crowd/herd)
  2. The __________ of students were listening to the lecture attentively. (team/class/herd)
  3. The flock of sheep was grazing in the fields, while a __________ of crows perched on the tree. (fleet/flock/murder)
  4. The __________ of footballers are rigorously training for the tournament. (team/collection/fleet)
  5. A __________ of cards were scattered on the floor. (deck/heap/group)


  1. orchestra
  2. class
  3. murder
  4. team
  5. deck

Exercise 4: Long Questions

Write a short descriptive paragraph including at least three collective nouns. Be creative!

Sample Answer:

An army of ants marched purposefully across the garden. Getting nearer the rose hedges, they met up with a swarm of bees busy collecting pollen. At the same time, a flock of birds nested cheerfully in the grand old oak tree.

You can get creative, form different relevant sentences, and check if your collective nouns are used correctly. Keep practicing and you’ll master the use of collective nouns in no time!