Collective Nouns List

  1. An Army of Ants
  2. A Bed of Clams
  3. A Bloat of Hippopotamuses
  4. A Brood of Hens
  5. A Pack of Wolves
  6. A Colony of Bats
  7. A Band of Musicians
  8. A Bevy of Quail
  9. A Class of Students
  10. A Cloud of Grasshoppers
  11. A Clutch of Eggs
  12. A Congress of Baboons
  13. A Covey of Partridges
  14. A Den of Thieves
  15. A Drove of Sheep
  16. A Flock of Birds
  17. A Gaggle of Geese
  18. A Gang of Elks
  19. A Herd of Buffalo
  20. A Host of Angels
  21. A Knot of Toads
  22. A Litter of Puppies
  23. A Mob of Kangaroos
  24. A Muster of Peacocks
  25. A Noun of Collectives
  26. A Pad of Dogs
  27. A Parliament of Owls
  28. A Pride of Lions
  29. A School of Fish
  30. A Stand of Flamingos
  31. A Swarm of Bees
  32. A Team of Players
  33. A Troop of Monkeys
  34. An Orchestra of Musicians
  35. A Bunch of Grapes
  36. A Stack of Dishes
  37. A Library of Books
  38. A Flight of Stairs
  39. A Charm of Hummingbirds
  40. A Horde of Locusts
  41. A Chorus of Singers
  42. An Array of Data
  43. A Squadron of Planes
  44. A Shower of Meteors
  45. A Quiver of Arrows
  46. A Frenzy of Sharks
  47. A Pile of Rubbish
  48. A Cast of Actors
  49. A Choir of Singers
  50. A Block of Flats
  51. A Bundle of Sticks

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