Exercise: Prepositions – Commonly Used

Exercise 1: Fill In The Blanks

Choose the correct preposition to complete each sentence. The first one is done for you as an example.

  1. She lives ___ France. (in, on, at) [Answer: in]
  2. Sam fell ___ the stairs because he was not careful. [Answer: down]
  3. The house ___ the end of the street is mine. [Answer: at]
  4. We are traveling __ car instead of a train. [Answer: by]
  5. Black tea ___ sugar is my favorite beverage. [Answer: with]
  6. Children, please put your toys ___ the box. [Answer: in]

Exercise 2: Choose the Correct Preposition

Choose the correct preposition from the choices.

  1. I have a meeting ___ 10 am. ['with', 'at', 'for', 'on'] [Answer: at]
  2. I have been waiting ___ you for an hour! ['for', 'after', 'since', 'on'] [Answer: for]
  3. She has been living here ___ five years. ['for', 'since', 'at', 'on'] [Answer: for]
  4. We demonstrate our love ___ helping others. ['in', 'for', 'by', 'at'] [Answer: by]

Exercise 3: Incorrect Prepositions

The sentences below contain incorrect prepositions. Correct them.

  1. I will attend the concert in Saturday. [Answer: I will attend the concert on Saturday.]
  2. Sara left the room on crying. [Answer: Sara left the room in tears.]
  3. Let's go to the park at the car. [Answer: Let's go to the park in the car.]
  4. We discussed about the project for the meeting. [Answer: We discussed the project during the meeting.]

Exercise 4: Sentence Construction with Prepositions

Construct sentences using the given words along with prepositions.

  1. (you/disagree/Mark) [Answer: You disagree with Mark.]
  2. (she/studying/final exams) [Answer: She is studying for her final exams.]
  3. (wait/bus) [Answer: Wait for the bus.]
  4. (doctor's office/close/hospital) [Answer: The doctor's office is close to the hospital.]

Exercise 5: Identify the Prepositions

Identify the prepositions in the following sentences:

  1. We traveled by train to the countryside. [Answer: by, to]
  2. The book is on the table. [Answer: on]
  3. She lives at the end of the street. [Answer: at, of]
  4. John is waiting for his friend in the park. [Answer: for, in]

These exercise questions provide an easy way to practice your understanding of commonly used prepositions. Practice more to grow familiarity and proper application.