List of Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs

Here is a comprehensive list of commonly used Phrasal Verbs. Phrasal Verbs are verbs that combine a basic verb and one or more prepositions. The purpose is to generate a phrase with a new, idiomatic meaning. They are frequently used in spoken and written English.

  1. Break down: To stop working (machinery)
  2. Break up: End relationship
  3. Bring up: Mention, raise (a topic)
  4. Call off: Cancel something
  5. Catch up: Reach someone who is ahead
  6. Check in: Register at a hotel or airport
  7. Cheer up: Feel happier
  8. Come across: Find something by chance
  9. Count on: Rely on, trust
  10. Cut down: Reduce in number or size
  11. Cut out: Remove part of something
  12. Drop off: Fall asleep / deliver something
  13. Drop out: Leave a school or an organization
  14. Fill out: Complete a form by adding required information
  15. Get along: Have a good relationship
  16. Give up: Quit a habit
  17. Go on: Continue, proceed
  18. Hang on: Wait for a short time
  19. Hold on: Wait for a short time
  20. Keep on: Continue doing something
  21. Look after: Take care of something/someone
  22. Look up: Search for information
  23. Make up: Reconcile
  24. Pass out: Lose consciousness
  25. Pick up: Receive; learn; get
  26. Put off: Postpone, delay
  27. Run out: Have none left
  28. Set up: Establish, create
  29. Show up: Arrive, make an appearance
  30. Speak up: Speak louder
  31. Take off: Leave the ground /remove something
  32. Take over: Gain control of
  33. Throw away: Discard, dispose of
  34. Try on: Test the fit of (clothing)
  35. Turn down: Refuse / decrease volume or strength
  36. Turn off: Stop a machine/light/etc.
  37. Turn up: Turn something louder / appear unexpectedly
  38. Wake up: Stop sleeping
  39. Walk off: Leave arrogantly or angrily
  40. Work out: Calculate / Exercise
  41. Switch off: Turn off a device
  42. Log in: Begin access to a computer, webpage, or online account
  43. Log out: End access to a computer, webpage, or online account
  44. Run into: Meet unexpectedly
  45. Mix up: Confuse
  46. Hang up: End a phone conversation
  47. Pop in: Visit quickly or for a short time
  48. Look forward to: Await with anticipation

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