Comparison of Adjectives (List)

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Angry Angrier Angriest
Bad Worse Worst
Big Bigger Biggest
Bright Brighter Brightest
Busy Busier Busiest
Cheap Cheaper Cheapest
Cold Colder Coldest
Cool Cooler Coolest
Dark Darker Darkest
Dirty Dirtier Dirtiest
Easy Easier Easiest
Fast Faster Fastest
Fat Fatter Fattest
Fine Finer Finest
Good Better Best
Great Greater Greatest
High Higher Highest
Hot Hotter Hottest
Important More important Most important
Large Larger Largest
Long Longer Longest
Old Older Oldest
Poor Poorer Poorest
Pretty Prettier Prettiest
Rich Richer Richest
Short Shorter Shortest
Simple Simpler Simplest
Small Smaller Smallest
Smart Smarter Smartest
Strong Stronger Strongest
Sweet Sweeter Sweetest
Tall Taller Tallest
Warm Warmer Warmest
Weird Weirder Weirdest
Young Younger Youngest

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