Exercise: Relative Pronouns

Exercise 1: Choose the Correct Relative Pronoun

In the following sentences, choose the correct relative pronoun from the options given in brackets.

  • He is the artist __ (who/whom) painted the mural in the town square.
  • We visited the zoo, __ (which/that) is a popular tourist attraction.
  • The gardener, to __ (whom/who) we gave the plants, has done a wonderful job.
  • This is the historian __ (whose/whom) book I was talking about.
  • The idea __ (that/which) you have proposed is impractical.

Exercise 2: Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks with appropriate relative pronouns: who, that, which, whom, armed with whom,whose.

  • This is the woman __ novel has won a Pulitzer Prize.
  • They are the scientists __ recently discovered a new planet.
  • That's the dog __ bit me.
  • Here comes the girl __ I told you about.
  • I met a policeman __ his help, I found my lost wallet.

Exercise 3: Replace or Omit Relative Pronouns

In the following sentences, replace the relative pronoun with a personal one or omit it if not necessary.

  • The man who is sitting over there is my uncle.
  • Do you see the woman whom is talking to the manager?
  • These are the shoes which I bought yesterday.
  • This is the place that I was born.
  • I don't know the person whom you are speaking about.

Exercise 4: Multiple Choice Questions

Choose the correct relative pronoun for the following sentences:

  • He’s the man __ stole my purse! (that/which)
  • The book ____ is on the desk is mine. (whose/which)
  • The woman ____ you met at the party called for you. (whom/who)
  • That’s the park __ I used to play as a child. (where/which)
  • The flowers __ are in the vase are beautiful. (that/whose)

Answer Key

Answers to Exercise 1

  1. who
  2. which
  3. whom
  4. whose
  5. that

Answers to Exercise 2

  1. whose
  2. who
  3. that
  4. whom
  5. whose

Answers to Exercise 3

  1. The man sitting over there is my uncle.
  2. Do you see the woman talking to the manager?
  3. These are the shoes I bought yesterday.
  4. This is the place I was born.
  5. I don't know the person you are speaking about.

Answers to Exercise 4

  1. that
  2. which
  3. who
  4. where
  5. that