Exercise: Passive Voice

Exercise 1: Identifying Passive Voice

In the following sentences, identify if the sentence is written in the passive voice or not.

  1. The cat chased the mouse.
  2. The cake was eaten by John.
  3. The letter is being written by Sarah.
  4. Samuel will fix the car.
  5. The show was watched by millions.


  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. No
  5. Yes

Exercise 2: The correct form of the verb

Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence in the passive voice.

  1. The cake ______________ (eat) by the kids.
  2. The car ______________ (wash) tomorrow.
  3. The piano ______________ (play) by the musician.
  4. The letter ______________ (write) by my dad.
  5. The windows ______________ (clean) last weekend.


  1. was eaten
  2. will be washed
  3. is being played
  4. was written
  5. were cleaned

Exercise 3: Transform sentences from Active to Passive Voice

Rewrite the following sentences in the passive voice.

  1. My mom is making dinner.
  2. I took the dog for a walk.
  3. The gardener waters the plants every evening.
  4. They have finished the project.
  5. Tom will buy a new phone.


  1. Dinner is being made by my mom.
  2. The dog was taken for a walk by me.
  3. The plants are watered by the gardener every evening.
  4. The project has been finished by them.
  5. A new phone will be bought by Tom.

Exercise 4: Multiple Choice Questions

Choose the correct passive voice option.

  1. The papers _________ (was printed, are printed, is printed) every day.
  2. The song ___________ (is sung, was sung, were sung) by her was beautiful.
  3. The house _________ (was paint, will be painted, is being painted) next month.
  4. The emails ___________ (are send, was send, will be sent) tomorrow.
  5. The plants ___________ (were watered, is watered, are being watered) by the gardener.


  1. are printed
  2. was sung
  3. will be painted
  4. will be sent
  5. were watered

Exercise 5: Fill in the blanks

Complete the following sentences in passive voice.

  1. The painting ________ finished by the artist.
  2. She ________ praised for her excellent work.
  3. His bike ________ stolen yesterday.
  4. The children ________ told to behave themselves.
  5. The money ________ donated to the charity by the rich businessman.


  1. was
  2. was
  3. was
  4. were
  5. was