List 6 - Adjectives

Not all words ending in –ly are adverbs. The following words that end in –ly are adjectives as shown in bold


  • He gave me some brotherly advice before he left.
  • He is friendly with his neighbour’s only daughter.
  • She felt lonely when her husband was imprisoned.
  • She looked lovely in the wedding dress.
  • Their quiet child has improved in height and grown more manly.

We can recognize most adjectives by their endings. Not all adjectives however have any kind of special endings.

al accidental, central, musical, national, personal
-ous cautious, dangerous, famous, mountainous, poisonous
-y brainy, guilty, skinny, stormy, wavy
-ry angry, hungry, watery, weary, wintry
-ful forgetful,  harmful, hopeful, joyful, lawful
-ish boyish, childish, girlish, selfish, yellowish
-sy choosy, lousy, messy, noisy, posy, nosy,
-ar circular, monocular, jugular, polar, vulgar,
-ive active, addictive, radioactive, successive, talkative
-able acceptable, accountable, agreeable, comfortable, lovable
-ly cowardly, fatherly, manly, sickly, smoothly,
-ant distant, intolerant, observant, pleasant, vigilant,
-en golden, modern, molten, wooden, woolen,
-ic academic, horrific, optimistic, organic, realistic,
-ent consistent, non-existent, potent, silent, violent,
-some handsome, loathsome, lonesome, meddlesome, quarrelsome
-ible accessible, discernible, responsible, reversible, sensible
-ky lucky, risky, silky, smoky, tricky
-less endless,  meaningless, powerless, shameless, toothless,
-ing alarming, amazing, outstanding, satisfying, worrying
-ed amused, annoyed, old-fashioned, one-sided, shattered
-hy fishy, patchy, pushy, wealthy, worthy
-ory compulsory, laudatory, dilatory, mandatory, statutory,
-ary imaginary, necessary, ordinary, reactionary, voluntary,