List 6 - Adjectives

We can recognize most adjectives by their endings. Not all adjectives however have any kind of special endings.

al accidental, central, musical, national, personal
-ous cautious, dangerous, famous, mountainous, poisonous
-y brainy, guilty, skinny, stormy, wavy
-ry angry, hungry, watery, weary, wintry
-ful forgetful,  harmful, hopeful, joyful, lawful
-ish boyish, childish, girlish, selfish, yellowish
-sy choosy, lousy, messy, noisy, posy, nosy,
-ar circular, monocular, jugular, polar, vulgar,
-ive active, addictive, radioactive, successive, talkative
-able acceptable, accountable, agreeable, comfortable, lovable
-ly cowardly, fatherly, manly, sickly, smoothly,
-ant distant, intolerant, observant, pleasant, vigilant,
-en golden, modern, molten, wooden, woolen,
-ic academic, horrific, optimistic, organic, realistic,
-ent consistent, non-existent, potent, silent, violent,
-some handsome, loathsome, lonesome, meddlesome, quarrelsome
-ible accessible, discernible, responsible, reversible, sensible
-ky lucky, risky, silky, smoky, tricky
-less endless,  meaningless, powerless, shameless, toothless,
-ing alarming, amazing, outstanding, satisfying, worrying
-ed amused, annoyed, old-fashioned, one-sided, shattered
-hy fishy, patchy, pushy, wealthy, worthy
-ory compulsory, laudatory, dilatory, mandatory, statutory,
-ary imaginary, necessary, ordinary, reactionary, voluntary,

Not all words ending in –ly are adverbs. The following words that end in –ly are adjectives as shown in bold


  • He gave me some brotherly advice before he left.
  • He is friendly with his neighbour’s only daughter.
  • She felt lonely when her husband was imprisoned.
  • She looked lovely in the wedding dress.
  • Their quiet child has improved in height and grown more manly.