Exercise: Kinds of Adjectives

Exercise 1: Identify the Kind of Adjective

In the following sentences, identify the kind of adjective used. The options are: descriptive, numeral, demonstrative, interrogative and possessive.

  1. The ancient civilization had a complex system of trading.
  2. Each team member had a crucial role in the project’s success.
  3. This cake tastes incredibly delicious.
  4. Whose book is this on the table?
  5. The third act in the play is the most intense.

Exercise 2: Fill in The Blanks

Choose the correct adjective to complete each sentence.

  1. She felt ___ after the long trip. (tired, tiring)
  2. The ___ forest is home to many wild animals. (dense, thin)
  3. He wore a ___ shirt for the meeting. (clean, dirty)
  4. Would you like ___ sugar in your coffee? (much, many)
  5. I found a ___ wallet on the street. (empty, full)

Exercise 3: True or False

Decide whether each of these statements about adjectives is true or false.

  1. A demonstrative adjective specifies a specific noun in a sentence.
  2. An interrogative adjective always asks a question.
  3. A numeral adjective indicates quantity.
  4. A descriptive adjective is used to describe the kind of noun or pronoun.
  5. A possessive adjective shows ownership or relationship.

Exercise 4: Sentence Improvement

Improve the following sentences by choosing an appropriate adjective from the options given below.

  1. My brother has a ___ car. (ancient, modern)
  2. I laid on the ___ sand. (warm, cold)
  3. He gave me a ___ smile. (warm, cold)
  4. She walked through the ___ rain. (heavy, light)
  5. We love eating at that ___ restaurant. (posh, cheap)

Exercise 5: MCQs

Choose the correct answer from the options given below to complete the sentence appropriately.

  1. The dog is ___ than the cat.
    • bigger
    • biggest
    • as big
  2. John is the ___ boy in the class.
    • tall
    • taller
    • tallest
  3. I think Physics is ___ than English.
    • difficult
    • more difficult
    • most difficult


Exercise 1:

  1. Descriptive Adjective
  2. Possessive Adjective
  3. Demonstrative Adjective
  4. Interrogative Adjective
  5. Numeral Adjective

Exercise 2:

  1. tired
  2. dense
  3. clean
  4. much
  5. empty

Exercise 3:

  1. True
  2. True
  3. False
  4. True
  5. True

Exercise 4:

  1. modern
  2. warm
  3. warm
  4. heavy
  5. posh

Exercise 5:

  1. bigger
  2. tallest
  3. more difficult