Exercise: Verb-ing Adjectives

Exercise 1: Identifying "-ing" Adjectives

In the following sentences, identify the adjectives that end in "-ing".

  • The singing bird is in the tree.
  • He was an inspiring teacher.
  • The cat, though frightening, was harmless.
  • The book was interesting.
  • His running style is unique.
  • Exercise 2: Fill in the Blanks

    Fill in the blanks in these sentences with an appropriate adjective that ends in "-ing."

  • The _____ (verb-ing) children were playing in the park.
  • She bought a _____ (verb-ing) purse from the mall.
  • The _____ (verb-ing) audience clapped enthusiastically.
  • The movie was _____ (verb-ing) and intriguing.
  • Exercise 3: Formulate Sentences

    Construct sentences using the given "-ing" adjectives.

  • Amusing
  • Soothing
  • Inspiring
  • Exciting
  • Exercise 4: Select the Correct Verb-ing Adjective

    Choose the correct "-ing" adjective from the options provided.

  • The movie was _____ (exciting / excited).
  • He is an _____ (inspiring / inspired) teacher.
  • She found the lecture very _____ (boring / bored).
  • His _____ (performing / performance) on stage was spectacular.
  • Exercise 5: Rewrite Sentences

    Rewrite the sentences by replacing the regular adjective with a verb-ing adjective.

  • The cake is tasty. (Use 'delighting')
  • The view is beautiful. (Use 'enchanting')
  • Peter is a successful businessman. (Use 'thriving')
  • The story is sad. (Use 'distressing')
  • Solution to Exercise 1:

    1. Singing, 2. Inspiring, 3. Frightening, 4. Interesting, 5. Running

    Solution to Exercise 2:

    There could be multiple answers for this exercise. Some examples are:
    1. gleeful, 2. shimmering, 3. applauding, 4. thrilling

    Solution to Exercise 3:

    These are subjective and could be different for each one. Just make sure the "-ing" adjectives are used correctly.

    Solution to Exercise 4:

    1. Exciting, 2. Inspiring, 3. Boring, 4. Performance (even though it doesn't end in -ing, 'performance' is the correct choice since 'performing' does not suit the context).

    Solution to Exercise 5:

    1. The cake is delighting.
    2. The view is enchanting.
    3. Peter is a thriving businessman.
    4. The story is distressing.