List of Phrasal Verbs (Sentence examples: use up – yield to)

  • Use up: I used up all the milk for the recipe. Meaning: to finish or consume all of something.
  • Wake up: She wakes up at 6 am every day. Meaning: to stop sleeping.
  • Turn down: He turned down the job offer. Meaning: to reject or refuse something.
  • Take off: The plane is about to take off. Meaning: when an airplane leaves the ground and starts to fly.
  • Show up: He failed to show up for his appointment. Meaning: to arrive at a place where people are expecting you.
  • Run out: I ran out of sugar. Meaning: to have no more of (something).
  • Pull over: The cop pulled him over for speeding. Meaning: to stop at the side of the road.
  • Put off: He keeps on putting off our meeting. Meaning: to postpone or delay something.
  • Look after: She looks after her younger brother. Meaning: to take care of somebody.
  • Hand in: He handed in his homework late. Meaning: to submit or deliver something that someone has asked for.
  • Give up: She gave up smoking. Meaning: to quit or stop doing something.
  • Fall apart: Their marriage fell apart after the incident. Meaning: to break into pieces; to fail or collapse.
  • End up: They ended up getting married. Meaning: to reach or come to a place, condition, or situation that was not planned or expected.
  • Drive away: She drove away without saying goodbye. Meaning: to leave a place, especially in a vehicle.
  • Call off: They called off the wedding. Meaning: to cancel something that has been previously planned.
  • Break out: War broke out when negotiations failed. Meaning: to start suddenly.
  • Back up: Could you back up your claim with evidence? Meaning: to provide support or help for someone or something.
  • Check in: We will check in at the hotel at 6 P.M. Meaning: to register at a hotel or airport.
  • Hang out: We used to hang out in a friendly cafe. Meaning: to spend a lot of time in a place.
  • Zoning out: He was zoning out during the meeting. Meaning: to lose concentration and not hear or pay attention to what is happening.
  • Zoom in: He zoomed in on the photo to see the details. Meaning: to focus on something.
  • Yield to: They refused to yield to their enemies. Meaning: to surrender or submit oneself to someone.

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