List of Phrasal Verbs (Sentence examples: slow down – start up)

Phrasal Verbs with Examples

  1. Break down: The car broke down in the middle of the road.
  2. Check out: I will check out that new restaurant tonight.
  3. Give up: Never give up on your dreams.
  4. Look after: Can you look after my dog while I'm on vacation?
  5. Turn on: Please turn on the lights.
  6. Wake up: I wake up at 6am every day.
  7. Go on: She went on a trip to Europe last month.
  8. Take off: The plane is about to take off.
  9. Pick up: Can you pick up some milk from the store?
  10. Put on: Put on your coat, it's cold outside.
  11. Run out: We ran out of rice yesterday.
  12. Hold on: Hold on a second, I'm almost ready.
  13. Get up: She gets up early in the morning.
  14. Show up: He failed to show up at the meeting.
  15. Pay back: I need to pay back my student loans.
  16. Run away: The burglar ran away when he heard the sirens.
  17. Bring up: The teacher brought up the topic of pollution.
  18. Turn off: Could you turn off the TV before you leave?
  19. Blow up: The balloon blew up when it got too much air.
  20. Stand up: Please stand up when the judge enters the court.
  21. Look into: We will look into this matter.
  22. Settle down: They want to settle down in the countryside.
  23. Hang out: We usually hang out at the park.
  24. Speak up: Speak up if you don't agree with the proposal.
  25. Turn up: He decided to turn up at the party uninvited.
  26. Go through: She had to go through a lot of challenges.

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