List of Phrasal Verbs (Sentence examples: hand around/round – hold up as)

  • Act on: To take action based on received information. Example: She acted on the information she received from her boss.
  • Back out: To withdraw from a commitment. Example: He backed out of the deal at the last minute.
  • Call off: To cancel something. Example: They had to call off the meeting due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Drop off: To deliver something or someone. Example: Can you drop off these files at the office?
  • Eat out: To dine in a restaurant. Example: Let's eat out tonight. I don't feel like cooking.
  • Figure out: To understand or solve something. Example: I finally figured out the solution to the problem.
  • Give up: To stop trying. Example: He gave up on the project after facing too many obstacles.
  • Hang up: To end a phone call. Example: She hung up before I could say goodbye.
  • Jump in: To quickly get involved. Example: He always jumps in to help when someone’s in trouble.
  • Keep on: To continue. Example: Keep on stirring until the sauce thickens.
  • Look after: To take care of. Example: Could you look after my cat this weekend?
  • Move in: To start living in a certain place. Example: They moved in to their new house last week.
  • Nod off: To fall asleep unexpectedly. Example: She nodded off during the lecture.
  • Own up: To admit. Example: It's time to own up to your mistakes.
  • Pass away: To die. Example: His grandmother passed away last night.
  • Quiz up: To study thoroughly for an exam or test. Example: I need to quiz up on my Spanish before the test next week.
  • Run out: To not have any left. Example: We ran out of milk and bread.
  • Show off: To boast or show one's skills or attributes to others. Example: He likes to show off his new car.
  • Turn up: To arrive. Example: She didn't turn up for the meeting.
  • Vent out: To express one's feelings or frustrations. Example: Sometimes, she just needs to vent out her feelings.
  • Walk out: To leave abruptly. Example: He was so angry that he just walked out of the meeting.
  • Xerox off: To make a photocopy. Example: Can you Xerox off a copy of this report for me?
  • Yield up: To surrender or relinquish. Example: The soldiers were forced to yield up their fortress.
  • Zero in on: To focus on something. Example: The investigators have zeroed in on a main suspect.

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