Phrasal Verbs List (sentence examples: call back – cut up)

1. Call back: I will call you back as soon as I get home.

2. Cut up: He cut up the vegetables and added them to the stew.

3. Break up: After a long relationship, they decided to break up.

4. Carry on: Despite the difficulties, they decided to carry on.

5. Check in: Remember to check in at least two hours before your flight.

6. Check out: I will check out from the hotel by 11 am.

7. Clean up: We need to clean up the house before the guests arrive.

8. Come across: I came across this old photograph when I was cleaning the attic.

9. Come up with: She came up with a brilliant idea for the project.

10. Cut off: He cut off his long hair and got a shorter haircut.

11. Cut out: Sometimes, it's best to cut out negative influences from your life.

12. Drop off: Please drop off the clothes at the dry cleaner's.

13. Drop by: We decided to drop by their house on our way home.

14. Dial down: We need to dial down the intensity of this argument.

15. Fill in: Please fill in the blanks in this form.

16. Fill out: You need to fill out this application form to apply.

17. Find out: I found out that she moved to a new city.

18. Give up: Never give up on your dreams, no matter how hard it gets.

19. Go on: The meeting will go on as scheduled.

20. Hang up: She was so upset that she hung up the phone.

21. Hold on: Hold on, I will be there in a minute!

22. Keep up: I am trying to keep up with the latest technology updates.

23. Kick off: The football match will kick off at 5 pm.

24. Look into: We will look into the matter and decide what to do.

25. Look up: I always look up the words I don't know in the dictionary.

26. Pick up: Could you pick up some milk from the store on your way back?

27. Put up: They put up a sign on the door saying 'Closed for renovation'.

28. Run out: We have run out of milk and need to buy some more.

29. Set up: We need to set up a meeting with the client.

30. Show up: She always shows up on time for her appointments.

31. Stand up: He stood up to give his seat to an elderly passenger on the bus.

32. Take off: The plane will take off in half an hour.

33. Tie up: She tied up her hair in a bun.

34. Throw away: Don't throw away these boxes; we can recycle them.

35. Use up: Use up these vegetables before they go bad.

36. Write down: Write down your thoughts in a journal every day.

37. Write off: They had to write off the old car after the accident.

38. Turn around: She turned around when she heard her name.

39. Speak up: He spoke up about the issues he was facing at work.

40. Shut up: The teacher asked the students to shut up and listen.

41. Sit down: Please sit down and make yourself comfortable.

42. Hand in: Please hand in your assignments by Monday.

43. Hang out: We used to hang out at the park after school.

44. Bring up: He didn't want to bring up the issue at the meeting.

45. Calm down: After the argument, they both needed some time to calm down.

46. Back off: He decided to back off and give her some space.

47. Break in: They had to break in through the window when they lost the keys.

48. Sort out: They managed to sort out their differences and are friends again.

49. Mix up: She had a tendency to mix up the twins' names.

50. Run over: Please run over the presentation once before the meeting.