Sounds Made by Objects and Animals

Our world is a vibrant orchestra of sounds, each note adding depth to the melody of life. From the comforting hum of a refrigerator to the exuberant chirping of crickets on a warm night, every sound has a tale to tell. Objects, with their varied resonances, harmonize with the diverse calls of animals, creating an auditory landscape that is both familiar and mysterious.

This page seeks to catalog the distinctive sounds produced by the objects and the animals. Whether you’re driven by sheer curiosity or professional pursuits, our comprehensive list offers an exploration into the sonorous wonders of our environment.

Sounds By Objects

All popular objects
CoinClinkSound of a coin striking a surface or another coin
AeroplaneRoarSound of an aeroplane, especially during takeoff or when flying low
AnvilClangSound produced when metal strikes the anvil
BabyCryTypical sound made by babies when they’re upset or hungry
BellRingResonating sound made by a struck bell
BowTwangSound of a bowstring being released
BrakeScreechSound of tires skidding or brakes being applied suddenly
BugleBlowSound made when blowing into a bugle
BulletWhizSound a bullet makes when passing by
CaneSwishSound made when a cane is swung through the air
ChainClankSound of metal links in a chain moving or being disturbed
ClockTickSound of a clock’s second hand moving
WatchTickSound of a wristwatch’s second hand moving
CloudThunderLoud sound following a lightning flash
CorkPopSound made when a cork is released from a bottle, especially from champagne
DishRattleSound of dishes knocking against each other
DoorBangSound of a door being shut forcefully
HingeCreakSound of a door or gate moving on its hinges, especially when it’s old or not well-oiled
DrumBeatSound made when striking the surface of a drum
Dry leafCrackleSound made when dry leaves are stepped on or crushed
EngineRoarSound of a running engine, especially a vehicle’s
FanWhirContinuous sound made by a rotating fan
MachineWhirGeneric sound made by many types of machinery
FootStepSound made when a foot touches the ground
FireCrackleSound made by burning wood or other materials in a fire
FlagFlutterSound made by a flag flapping in the wind
GlassShatterSound made when glass breaks
GuitarStrumSound made when playing the strings of a guitar
GunBangSound made when a gun is fired
HandClapSound made when two hands are struck together
HeartBeatRhythmic sound of a heart pumping blood
HoofClopSound made by the hoof of an animal when it touches the ground
HornBeepSound made by a car or vehicle horn
KettleWhistleHigh-pitched sound made by a kettle when the water boils
LeafRustleSoft sound made by leaves when they are stirred
PaperRustleSoft sound made by paper when it’s moved or crumpled
LoudspeakerBlareLoud and harsh sound made through a loudspeaker, especially during announcements
SirenWailContinuous high-pitched sound made by sirens, like those on ambulances or fire trucks
MetalClinkSound made when two metal objects come into contact
NutCrackSound made when breaking open a nut
PlaneRoarSound made by a plane, especially during takeoff or when flying low
PlateClatterSound of a plate being set down roughly or plates knocking against each other
RainPatterSound of light rain or drizzle hitting a surface
RaindropPlopSound of a single raindrop hitting a surface
RifleShotSound made when a rifle is fired
SailFlapSound of a sail flapping in the wind
SawGrindSound of sawing, especially wood
SeaRumbleContinuous deep sound made by the sea
ShoeStepSound made when a shoe touches the ground
SilkRustleSoft sound made by silk when it’s moved or touched
SteamHissSound made by steam escaping from a kettle or pipe
StreamBabbleSound of water flowing in a stream or brook
ToothChatterSound made when teeth knock against each other, especially from cold or fear
TelephoneRingSound of a telephone indicating an incoming call
ThunderBoomLoud sound that follows lightning during a thunderstorm
ToiletFlushSound made when water is flushed in a toilet
TrainChugSound of a steam train’s engine
TrumpetBlareSound made when blowing into a trumpet
WaterSplashSound made when an object hits the water surface
WaveCrashSound made by waves hitting the shore
WhipCrackSharp sound made when a whip is snapped
WindHowlSound of strong wind passing through trees or structures
WingFlapSound made by the wings of birds or insects when they fly
WoodCreakSound made when wood is stressed, like in old floorboards or doors
KeyboardClickSound made when pressing a key on a keyboard
MouseClickSound made when pressing a mouse button
TypewriterClackSound made when pressing a key on a typewriter
CameraClickSound made when taking a photo with a camera
Light switchClickSound made when toggling a light switch
Car doorSlamSound made when closing a car door forcefully
BookFlipSound made when turning the pages of a book
CanCrunchSound made when crushing an empty can
DoorbellChimeSound of a doorbell ringing
FaucetDripSound of a leaky faucet
HammerThudSound made when a hammer strikes a softer surface
PenScratchSound of a pen writing on paper
RadiatorClankNoisy sound made by an old radiator as it heats up
ZipperZipSound made when using a zipper

Sounds By Animals

All major animals and birds
AnimalMain SoundOther Sounds
DogBarkWhine, Growl, Howl, Yip
CatMeowPurr, Hiss, Growl, Chirrup
CowMooBellow, Low
HorseNeighWhinny, Snort, Nicker
PigOinkGrunt, Squeal
ChickenCluckBawk, Purr
TurkeyGobblePurr, Yelp, Cackle
FrogCroakRibbit, Chirp
OwlHootScreech, Whistle
LionRoarGrowl, Grunt
TigerRoarGrowl, Chuff, Moan
ElephantTrumpetRumble, Roar
BearGrowlRoar, Moan, Huff
WolfHowlGrowl, Bark, Whine
MonkeyChatterScream, Hoot, Grunt
GoatBleatMaa, Grunt, Baa
PeacockShriekScream, Call
EagleScreechChirp, Call
ParrotTalk/MimicSquawk, Chirp
WhaleSingClick, Whistle
DolphinClickWhistle, Squeak
ChimpanzeeHootGrunt, Scream, Chatter
GorillaGruntRoar, Hoot, Bark
KangarooGruntThump (when hopping)
KoalaBellowSnore, Scream
SealBarkClap, Growl
PenguinChirpHonk, Trumpet
CheetahChirpPurr, Hiss
GiraffeLow humBleat, Snort
HippopotamusGruntBellow, Roar, Huff
RhinoGruntSnort, Growl
ZebraWhinnyBarking, Snorting
GooseHonkHiss, Cackle
FoxYipBark, Growl, Scream
HyenaLaughGiggle, Whoop, Groan
LlamaHumMoan, Growl, Alarm call
PigeonCooClatter (wings)
RaccoonChitterGrowl, Hiss, Whistle
You can check this Wikipedia article for more animals.

From the gentle chirping of crickets to the commanding roar of lions, the soundscape is as diverse as the species and objects that inhabit our world. While we’ve endeavored to present a comprehensive and accurate account of the sounds made by various animals and objects, there’s always room for nuance and variance in the true symphony of nature. We recognize the potential for inaccuracies in our compilation. Should you identify any discrepancies or wish to offer insights, we encourage you to reach out via our contact form. Your feedback will be invaluable in refining and enriching our database for the benefit of all users.

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