List of Nouns By adding -es to nouns ending in -o

Common Nouns that End in -o and Become Plural with -es

  • Albino becomes Albinos
  • Alto becomes Altos
  • Amoeba becomes Amoebas
  • Arcade becomes Arcades
  • Avocado becomes Avocados
  • Bimbo becomes Bimbos
  • Doctorate becomes Doctorates
  • Dynamo becomes Dynamos
  • Embryo becomes Embryos
  • Eskimo becomes Eskimos
  • Fiasco becomes Fiascos
  • Gaucho becomes Gauchos
  • Hero becomes Heroes
  • Indigo becomes Indigos
  • Kilometer becomes Kilometers
  • Lasso becomes Lassos
  • Mango becomes Mangos
  • Negro becomes Negros
  • Otto becomes Ottos
  • Patio becomes Patios
  • Photo becomes Photos
  • Quarto becomes Quartos
  • Ratio becomes Ratios
  • Scarecrow becomes Scarecrows
  • Subdued becomes Subdues
  • Tomato becomes Tomatoes
  • Umbrella becomes Umbrellas
  • Veto becomes Vetoes
  • Willow becomes Willows
  • Xero becomes Xeros
  • Yoyo becomes Yoyos
  • Zoo becomes Zoos

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