Prepositions of manner 
Prepositions of manner are about the way something happens or how something is done. They often use the word by. Some examples of preposition of manner are byinlikeon and with.


  • We couldn't afford to go there by taxi.
  • The supplies were dropped by parachutes.
  • He fell in his dash for the finishing line.
  • Many say he laughs like a hyena.
  • The tourists arrived on the island on a hovercraft.
  • She reacted with anger to what he said.



Prepositions of cause and effect
Prepositions of cause and effect or reason are used to express the cause of something or the reason that something happens, and the effect it has on another thing. Some examples of these prepositions which include compound prepositions most commonly used are: 
as, as a result (of), because (of), consequentlydue tofor, fromhenceon account ofsincetherefore, and through.



  • As a result of 



  • He cannot play football because of his swollen leg.
  • The quarrel was due to the rudeness on both sides.
  • They divorced for many reasons..
  • Businesses don’t succeed from luck alone.
  • She doesn’t eat much on account of her acute depression.
  • Their sales increase through effective marketing..