Exercise: Subordinating Conjunctions

Exercise 1: Identify the Subordinating Conjunction

In the following sentences, identify the subordinating conjunction. Enter your answer in the space provided.

  1. Until we complete our work, we cannot leave.
  2. I stayed up late because I had work to do.
  3. Unless you leave now, you will miss the bus.
  4. She can leave whenever she needs to.
  5. Because she left her bag at home, she had to go back.

Exercise 2: Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with suitable subordinating conjunctions. Use the following options: 'unless', 'while', 'although', 'if', 'until'. Insert your answers in the spaces provided.

  1. ____ he studies hard, he will pass the exam.
  2. I cannot leave ____ my work is done.
  3. ____ it's raining, we will still go out.
  4. ____ you are here, fetch me a glass of water.
  5. ____ we were walking, we saw the rainbow.

Exercise 3: Choose the correct Subordinating Conjunction

Choose the correct subordinating conjunction to complete the sentence. Enter your option in the spaces provided.

  1. She will not go (unless/if) you accompany her.
  2. The game will not start (although/until) everyone arrives.
  3. (While/Unless) studying, he does not like to be disturbed.
  4. They remained calm (although/because) it was a stressful situation.
  5. You can go outside (if/while) it stops raining.

Exercise 4: Combine the Sentences using Subordinating Conjunctions

Combine the following pairs of sentences into one using a suitable subordinating conjunction. Write your answer in the spaces provided.

  1. I went to bed. I felt tired.
  2. She failed the exam. She didn’t study.
  3. He will buy a car. He gets a job.
  4. We will go for a picnic. It does not rain tomorrow.
  5. You water the plants. They will die.

Answer Key

The solution to these exercises are:

  1. Exercise 1:
    1. Until
    2. Because
    3. Unless
    4. Whenever
    5. Because
  2. Exercise 2:
    1. If
    2. Until
    3. Although
    4. While
    5. While
  3. Exercise 3:
    1. Unless
    2. Until
    3. While
    4. Although
    5. If
  4. Exercise 4:
    1. I went to bed because I felt tired.
    2. She failed the exam because she didn’t study.
    3. He will buy a car if he gets a job.
    4. We will go for a picnic if it does not rain tomorrow.
    5. Unless you water the plants, they will die.