Synonym refers to a word that means the same or nearly the same as another word.

abduct kidnap   leery cautious
abhor detest   legacy bequest
above over   legible readable
abridge shorten   licentious lewd
abroad overseas   listen hear
abrogate cancel   lithe supple
abstain refrain   little small
accord agreement   livid enraged
admit confess   loathe abhor
adversary opponent   lofty high
affable friendly   logo symbol
aggravate worsen   look see
agree consent   loquacious talkative
air discuss   lost misplaced
akin related   loving fond
alive lively   loyal TRUE
allocate distribute   lucrative profitable
allow permit   ludicrous absurd
also too   luminous bright
ameliorate improve   lure entice
amount quantity   luster gloss
annul cancel   luxuriant lush
answer response   macabre gruesome
appease pacify   mad insane
arraign indict   maelstrom whirlpool
ask Inquire, request   magnitude size
assembly gathering   malice spite
assent agree   margin edge
attire dress   meager scanty
avarice greed   mean cruel
baby infant   messy untidy
bad evil   middle center
badger pester   misshapen deformed
beg implore   moral ethical
begin commence   morsel piece
behaviour conduct   mundane ordinary
belief opinion   name title
benevolent kind   narrate tell
berate scold   near close
big large   nefarious evil
bilk swindle   negate cancel
blamed accused   negligible insignificant
blank empty   nepotism favouritism
bliss happiness   new unused, modern
bottom foot   noisy rowdy
brave daring, bold   noted well-known
brawn strength   obey submit
bright shinning   obstinate stubborn
broad wide   odyssey journey
brook tolerate   often frequently
bucolic rustic   old ancient
build construct   omen sign
busy active   omnipotent all-powerful
buy purchase   omniscient all-knowing
calamity disaster   oppress persecute
canon rule   opulence wealth
capitulate surrender   oral verbal
careen swerve   orator speaker
careful cautious   outset beginning
careful cautious   outside exterior
castigate criticize   ovation applause
catastrophic disastrous   pacify appease
catch capture   paltry scarce
caucus meeting   pandemic widespread
cavort frolic   paranormal supernatural
cede Relinquish   parcel package
celestial heavenly   part portion
centre middle   patent obvious
champion winner   paucity scarcity
change alter   peddle sell
cheat deceive   pen write
chide scold   perhaps maybe
choose select   perilous dangerous
chubby plump   perish die
circumspect cautious   persevere persist
clemency forgiveness   pertinent relevant
clergyman minister   pick choose
close near   pious devout
clothes dress   placate appease
clout influence   plentiful abundant
coagulate thicken   policeman constable
coddle pamper   polite courteous
coercion force   poor destitute
collusion conspiracy   port harbour
commend praise   portion piece
commodity product   praise compliment
compulsory obligatory   prank joke
concise brief   pretty beautiful, attractive
concur agree   protect guard
confer bestow   pull drag
conversant familiar   purloin steal
converse opposite   push thrust
copy imitate   putrefy decay
cordial friendly   quack charlatan
correct accurate   qualms misgivings
courtesan prostitute   quay wharf
covert secret   queen empress
crave desire   queue line
culvert drain   quick rapid
cunning sly   quiet peaceful
cure remedy   quill feather
curtail shorten   quip joke
damp moist   rare scarce
dangerous risky   rarely seldom
deadly fatal   rash hasty
dear expensive   read peruse
dearth scarcity   ready alert
debilitate weaken   real genuine
deceive trick   reap harvest
decimate destroy   rebuke reprimand
decipher decode   receptacle container
decrease reduce   reckless rash
deduce conclude   recollect remember
deleterious harmful   rectify correct
delude deceive   recur repeat
demeanour behaviour   red ruddy
demise death   reek smell
demobilize disband   regal royal
demoralize dishearten   rein curb
denigrate defame   rejoice celebrate
denounce condemn   relic antique
depart leave   remain stay
deplete exhaust   remedial corrective
deride ridicule   remember recollect
desecrate profane   remnant residue
desiccate dehydrate   remorse guilt
despot tyrant   renown fame
destitute poor   replenish refill
detain confine   retain keep
detrimental harmful   revenue income
devise plan   rich wealthy
devout pious   rift split
diabolical devilish   riot revolt
diffident shy   roam wander
discernible visible   robust vigorous
discreet prudent   rostrum podium
disease sickness   rough coarse
disfigure mar   round circular
dismal gloomy   rude impolite
disorder chaos   rue regret
dispatch send   rule govern
disperse scatter   ruse trick
disseminate distribute   rustic rural
distend swell   sack pillage
distract divert   sad unhappy
diversity variety   safe secure
divulge disclose   saga story
dodder tremble   sanction approval
dull gloomy   saturate soak
dumb mute   savour relish
duress coercion   scant inadequate
eatable edible   scared frightened
ebb recede   scatter disperse
eccentric odd, weird   schism rift
edifice building   scion offspring
efficacious effective   scorn disdain
egocentric self-centered   sear burn
electorate voters   secede withdraw
elucidate explain   seclusion solitude
elude evade   seduce lure
empty vacant   seldom rarely
end conclusion   semblance likeness
enemy foe   separate sever
enough sufficient   serene peaceful
ensnare trap, lure   sham pretense
enterprise undertaking   sheen luster
entice lure   short brief
entreat plead   shorten abbreviate
envoy messenger   show exhibit
ephemeral short-lived   shun avoid
epoch era   sibling brother/sister
equitable fair   sick ill
error mistake   siege blockage
escape elude   silent quiet
exorbitant expensive   silly foolish
exorcise expel   simple easy
fable myth   sinister evil
fall drop   site location
FALSE untrue, wrong   skeptical doubtful
fantasy daydream   slay kill
far distant   sleepy drowsy
feather plume   slim slender
feign pretend   sloth laziness
fertile fruitful   smart intelligent
fidelity loyalty   smell scent
fierce ferocious   smite strike
fight battle   snare trap
filch steal   snub ignore
find discover   sovereign monarch
first initial   specimen sample
fiscal monetary   squalid filthy
flagellate whip   squander waste
float drift   static inactive
force compel   steed horse
foretell predict   stern strict
free  release   stick adhere
friend companion, ally   stifle suppress
friend ally   stimulate excite
funny amusing   stingy miserly
furtive stealthy   stop halt
gain profit   strange odd
game recreation   strife conflict
gargantuan large   strive endeavour
garrulous talkative   strong powerful
gather collect   student pupil
gay cheerful   studious diligent
general common   style fashion
genesis beginning   subdue conquer
ghastly horrible   submit yield
give donate   subside diminish
glad happy   succulent juicy
glaring dazzling   superb excellent
gnarl deform   surmount overcome
gory bloody   surprise astonishment
guest visitor   surrender yield
guffaw laughter   surround encircle
habit custom   susceptible vulnerable
habituate accustom   sustenance food
hale healthy   swamp marsh
hallucination delusion   taint pollute
hamper obstruct   talk conversation
hapless unlucky   talon claw
harangue tirade   tangible touchable
hard difficult   tarnish taint
hate detest   taut tight
haven refuge   teach educate
height altitude   teacher instructor
help assist   tedious boring
herald harbinger   tempest storm
hew cut   tempo speed
hide conceal   tempt entice
hideous horrible   tenet doctrine
high tall   tepid lukewarm
home residence   terse concise
hone sharpen   tested tried
horde group   thief burglar
hue colour   thin lean
hug embrace   thrive prosper
huge enormous   throng crowd
humane compassionate   titillate arouse
hygienic sanitary   titular figurehead
hyperbole exaggeration   toil drudgery
idiosyncrasy peculiarity   top summit
illicit unlawful   trail path
illimitable limitless   tranquilize calm, anesthetize
illustrious famous   transient temporary
imbibe drink   transitory fleeting
imitate copy   traverse cross
immaterial irrelevant   trek journey
immense huge   trick hoax
impale pierce   trite commonplace
impasse deadlock   trust believe
impassive calm   try attempt
impeccable faultless   twain two
impede hinder   tyrannical dictatorial
impending imminent   ubiquitous omnipresent
imperil endanger   ulterior hidden, covert
implicate incriminate   unassuming modest
implore entreat   uncanny mysterious
inculcate instill   under beneath
incursion raid   undermine weaken
indelible permanent   underscore emphasize
indigent poor   understand comprehend
indiscriminate random   unduly excessive
indolent lazy   unison together
industrious hardworking   usually generally
inexorable relentless   utter complete
infamous notorious   vacant empty
infamy shame   vacillate waver
infer conclude   vain unsuccessful
infirmity ailment   valiant brave
influx inflow   value worth
infraction violation   vanish disappear
infuriate enrage   vanquish conquer
inhibit restrain   vehement adamant
iniquitous unjust   vendetta feud
initiate begin   venom poison
inkling hint   venue location
innate inborn   verbose wordy
innocuous harmless   verdict decision
innuendo insinuation   veto reject
inordinate excessive   vex annoy
inquisitive curious   vicious evil, cruel
inscribe engrave   victory triumph
inside interior   vie compete
insignia emblems   vilify defame
insolvent bankrupt   virile manly, strong
instigate incite   vital necessary
inter bury   vocation occupation
interesting fascinating   vogue fashion
intrepid fearless   volatile unstable
intricate complex   vulgarity obscenity
intrigue plot   vulnerable susceptible
intrinsic inherent   wager bet
inundate flood   wages salary
involve implicate   waive forgo
irate angry   wallow indulge
irrational illogical   want need
jeer mock   watch look
jest joke   weak feeble
jocular humorous   wet damp
join connect   whet stimulate
jostle push   whole entire
judicious prudent   wither shrivel
jump leap   wonder amazement
just fair   woo court
kudos acclaim   wrath anger, fury
last final   wrest snatch
lazy indolent   writ summons
least minimum   yearly annually
leave  abandon   young youthful