List 11 - Prepositions



about for on
about 4 o’clock for a dollar on 28th May
about two dollars for a week on fire
  for an hour on foot 
above for ten minutes on holiday
above ten dollars for you on the left
above the roof   on the right
  from on the wall
after from here on time
after 3 o’clock from London on Tuesday
after lunch    
after this week in over
  in 1974 over fifty
among in a few moments  
among the five in a hurry past
among the trees in a week’s time a quarter past
  in February half past
at in front of  
at 7 o’clock in great danger since
at a distance in New York since 3 o’clock
at a time in my class since last week
at any rate in my opinion since Monday
at Christmas in my view since she died
at first in prison since the party
at home in the army since you left
at last in the box  
at once in the crowd through
at school in the end all through
at the airport in the evening through the door
at the door in this room  
at the top in trouble to
    five to eight
before near next to
before 5 o’clock near my school  
before the war near the market under
    under a tree
below of under age
below fifty a box of under fifteen years old
below the sea a few of under repair
down below a great deal of under ten dollars
  a little of under the control of
beside a lot of under the impression that
beside the door a piece of under the influence of
  a quarter of under the table
by a tin of under the water
by heart all of underneath
by mistake half of  
by the dozen many of until
by the side of more of until 3 o’clock
by this week most of until next week
by train/bus/car/taxi much of until tomorrow
one by one none of  
side by side plenty of with
  several of with a brush
during the back of with a knife
during the holidays the top of with a stick
during the lesson    
during the night off without
  a long way off without doubt
  be well off without his help
  off the grass  
  off the road  


absence from duty to objection to
abundance of eagerness for obligation to
access to economy of obstruction to
admission to enmity for/with/against offence against
advice against envy of opportunity of
affection for equality with passion for
allegiance to escape from payment for
anger at/about/with esteem for pity for
anxiety for excuse for power over
appetite for experience in/of prejudice against
approval of exposure of preparation for
aptitude for failure of pride in
arrival at/in faith in proficiency in
assent to fear of quarrel with/about
assurance of fondness for question on
attack on freedom from/of regard for
attention on glance at regret for
authority for/on/over gratitude for/to reply to
bargain for/with greed for report on
battle with grief at/for request for
belief in  guess at resemblance to
benevolence towards hatred of resignation from
blindness to hope of respect for
cause for/of identity to revolt against
caution against indifference to safety from
chance of indulgence of satisfaction with
choice between inquiry into search for
comparison with insight into smell of
compassion for interview with sin against
compensation for intimacy with stain on
complaint against intrusion into submission to
concession to invitation to success in
confidence in jealousy of sympathy with
conformity to/with judge of taste of
contempt for kindness to testimony to
control over knock at traitor to
conviction of knowledge of trust in
correspondence with lecture on vote against/for
craving for likeness to wait for
dependence on liking for want of
desire for limit to wish for
difference from/to longing for witness of
discussion with look at wonder at
disgust at lust for worry about/over
dislike of meeting with yearning for
distaste for need for zeal for
distrust of obedience to zest for