• A question mark is placed at the end of a sentence to ask a question.
EXAMPLE: Who's that man wearing a cowboy hat? / Could you wait here for me, please?
EXAMPLE: Did you see the movie entitled "The three legged man?"

  • A full stop/period or comma is not used after a question.
EXAMPLE: "Do you understand what I have been saying?" Jennifer asked me.
NOT: "Do you understand what I have been saying?", Jennifer asked me.

  • A question mark is used after a question that ends with an abbreviation.
EXAMPLE: You said you saw the UFO at about 7 p.m.?

  • When a question is being reported and not directly asked, a period, not a question mark, is used.
EXAMPLE: She asked, "What are you looking at?" (direct question with question mark)
EXAMPLE: She asked what I was looking at. (indirect question with no question mark)