Sentence examples: Prepositions after verbs (name after – rush through)

1. Name After: The school was named after its benefactor.

2. Call For: This situation calls for immediate action.

3. Care For: She carefully cares for her plants.

4. Die Of: She tragically died of a sudden disease.

5. Think Of: What do you think of the idea?

6. Talk About: They usually talk about everyday things.

7. Believe In: He strongly believes in his capability.

8. Depend On: You can always depend on her in a crisis.

9. Pay For: He pays for the monthly groceries.

10. Listen to: You should listen to their advice.

11. Laugh At: It's impolite to laugh at someone's mistake.

12. Look At: Look at the beautiful sunset.

13. Ask For: He asked for some help.

14. Search For: I've been searching for this book everywhere.

15. Wait For: We will have to wait for the bus.

16. Pray For: She is praying for her sister's recovery.

17. Wish For: You should wish for good health.

18. Beg For: He had to beg for forgiveness.

19. Prepare For: They're preparing for the upcoming examinations.

20. Vote For: He always votes for the same party.

21. Choose Between: She had to choose between two job offers.

22. Decide Between: We need to decide between the two options.

23. Differentiate Between: It’s important to differentiate between facts and opinions.

24. Distinguish Between: It's hard to distinguish between the twins.

25. Argue About: The couple often argues about finances.

26. Complain About: He constantly complains about his job.

27. Write About: She's writing a book about her experiences.

28. Read About: I read about the incident in the newspaper.

29. Learn About: There's so much to learn about this complex world.

30. Dream About: She always dreams about traveling the world.

31. Talk To: He is talking to his friend.

32. Write To: She writes to her penpal every week.

33. Listen To: You should listen to the news every day.

34. Walk To: I have to walk to work every day.

35. Rush To: He had to rush to the airport.

36. Believe In: She believes in human rights.

37. Invest In: It's important to invest in good education.

38. Participate In: They like participating in community service.

39. Aim At: The company is aiming at expanding its business.

40. Look At: Look at this beautiful artwork.

41. Glance At: He glanced at his watch.

42. Laugh At: Don't laugh at someone's failures.

43. Wave At: She waved at me from the balcony.

44. Stare At: Stop staring at people, it's impolite.

45. Yell At: It's not okay to yell at anyone.

46. Rush Through: He rushed through the report to finish it on time.

47. Run Through: Let's run through the plan once more.

48. Walk Through: Can you walk me through the process?

49. Read Through: She read through the report to ensure there weren't any errors.

50. Go Through: We had to go through a lot to reach where we are.