Sentence examples: prepositions after verbs (gladden by – muster up)

Sentence Examples: Prepositions After Verbs (From Gladden by – Muster up)

  1. She was gladdened by the positive response to her proposal.
  2. The weather changed with the arrival of the autumn season.
  3. He always struggles with speaking in public.
  4. I often dream about visiting Greece.
  5. She suffers from severe migraines.
  6. Her heart ached for the lost kitten.
  7. I can't deal with your constant complaints.
  8. He bragged about getting a promotion at work.
  9. She is often behind in her bill payments.
  10. We need to focus on our priorities.
  11. She was rescued by the local firefighters.
  12. He struggled with the math problem.
  13. You need to believe in your capabilities.
  14. I am fascinated by the ancient history.
  15. We are proud of our cultural heritage.
  16. I always listen to soft music when reading.
  17. She worries about her son's education.
  18. We should prepare for the impending storm.
  19. He often dreams of becoming a professional athlete.
  20. She is known for her philanthropic activities.
  21. We apologized for our actions.
  22. He longs for his childhood days.
  23. I like to listen to classical music.
  24. She was puzzled by the riddle.
  25. The children laughed at the clown's antics.
  26. They argued about the movie plot.
  27. I wait for my bus at the corner street.
  28. She cried for help.
  29. I always rely on my gut feelings.
  30. He always longs for a simple life.
  31. The team was

    inspired by their coach's words.

  32. She was disappointed with her results.
  33. The concert was cancelled because of the singer's illness.
  34. He often forgets about important dates.
  35. We blame him for the project failure.
  36. I always strive for excellence.
  37. She stood by him in his worst times.
  38. I always argue with my brother about silly things.
  39. The teacher was impressed by her dedication.
  40. I mustered up the courage to face my fears.