Phrasal Verbs (Sentence examples: save on – serve out) – List

Phrasal Verbs (Sentence examples: save on – serve out)

  1. Save on: We save on energy costs by using solar panels.
  2. Scale back: The company has decided to scale back its spending on advertising.
  3. Scrape by: She's been scraping by on minimum wage for months.
  4. See off: She was at the airport to see off her son.
  5. See through: I saw through his lies and confronted him.
  6. Sell out: The concert sold out within minutes.
  7. Send for: They had to send for a doctor.
  8. Set back: His injury set him back a few weeks in training.
  9. Set out: They set out at dawn to climb the mountain.
  10. Show off: He’s always trying to show off his new car.
  11. Shut off: Can you shut off the lights when you leave?
  12. Sit down: Please sit down and make yourself comfortable.
  13. Sort out: We need to sort out the details of the project.
  14. Speak up: Don't be afraid to speak up in the meeting.
  15. Stand by: He always stands by his principles.
  16. Step in: The government had to step in to prevent a banking crisis.
  17. Stick to: I'm trying to stick to a strict diet.
  18. Switch off: Remember to switch off your computer when you're done.
  19. Take off: My business really took off this year.
  20. Talk over: We need to talk over these plans before we finalize them.
  21. Think over: I'll need some time to think over your proposal.
  22. Throw away: Don't throw away those papers, I might need them.
  23. Top up: I need to top up my phone credit.
  24. Turn down: I had to turn down the volume because it was too loud.
  25. Turn up: He didn't turn up for the meeting.
  26. Wake up: I wake up at 7am every day.
  27. Wash up: It's your turn to wash up the dishes.
  28. Work out: I couldn't work out the answer to the problem.
  29. Wrap up: It's cold outside, so make sure to wrap up warm.
  30. Wipe out: The storm wiped out the entire village.
  31. Write down: Can you write down his number for me?
  32. Zoom in: Can you zoom in on this picture?
  33. Zone out: I tend to zone out when I'm tired.
  34. Dig in: The food is ready, dig in!
  35. Jump in: We decided to jump in the pool to cool down.
  36. Kick back: After a hard day, I like to kick back with a good book.
  37. Look into: We will look into the matter and respond accordingly.
  38. Open up: She doesn't easily open up to people.
  39. Opt in: You need to opt in to our newsletter to receive updates.
  40. Pull up: Can you pull up at the next gas station?
  41. Put down: He put down his book to answer the door.
  42. Run over: I got run over by a bicycle on my way here.
  43. Pick up: Can you pick up some milk on your way home?
  44. Give up: Don't give up, we're almost there!
  45. Go through: She went through a lot to achieve her goals.
  46. Hold on: Hold on, I'll be there in a minute.
  47. Keep out: The sign said "Keep out", so we didn't enter.
  48. Let down: He let down his team by not showing up on time.
  49. Move on: It's time to move on and focus on the future.
  50. Pay off: All of his hard work paid off in the end.
  51. Quit on: You should never quit on your dreams, no matter how hard it gets.
  52. Reach out: If you ever need any help, feel free to reach out.
  53. Serve out: The politician was determined to serve out his full term.