Phrasal Verbs (Sentence examples: pull ahead – put up with) – List

1. Pull ahead – Despite the start line mishap, Jean was able to pull ahead and win the race.

2. Put up with – She had to put up with her boss's temper tantrums

3. Break down – My car broke down on the way to the airport.

4. Check out – You should check out that new movie, I think you'd like it.

5. Cut off – If we don't pay the electricity bill, they will cut off our power.

6. Drop out – Because it became too tough, he dropped out of college.

7. Fill up – Please fill up the water bottle before you go to the gym.

8. Give away – She wanted to give away her old clothes to charity.

9. Hang up – After arguing with her, he angrily hung up the phone.

10. Jump in – He didn't hesitate to jump in with his own ideas during the meeting.

11. Keep on – Even though he was tired, he kept on running.

12. Log in – To access your profile, you need to log in with your username and password.

13. Move on – After the break-up, it was really hard for her to move on.

14. Nod off – He was so bored at the meeting he started to nod off.

15. Open up – She doesn't easily open up to new people.

16. Pick up – Can you pick up some milk from the store on your way home?

17. Quiet down – The teacher had to tell the students to quiet down several times during the trip.

18. Run out – We ran out of coffee and need to buy some more.

19. Switch off – Don't forget to switch off the computer before leaving the office.

20. Turn up – He didn't turn up for the meeting yesterday.

21. Wake up – She wakes up early in the morning to go for a run.

22. Zoom in – Zoom in to see the details of this picture.

23. Back down – He refused to back down and stood his ground.

24. Come over – Let's come over to my place for dinner this weekend.

25. Draw up – They had a lawyer draw up a contract.

26. End up – If you don't study, you might end up failing the course.

27. Find out – I want to find out who is responsible for this mistake.

28. Get together – We should get together for lunch sometime.

29. Hang out – We like to hang out at the park on weekends.

30. Join in – He decided to join in on the fun and danced with everyone else.

31. Kick off – The event will kick off with a speech from the CEO.

32. Look up – If you don't know the meaning of a word, look it up in a dictionary.

33. Make up – They made up after having a big argument.

34. Note down – Please note down the details of the meeting.

35. Pass out – He passed out after running a marathon.

36. Queue up – We had to queue up for hours to get the tickets.

37. Rise up – The people decided to rise up against the oppressive regime.

38. Set off – We set off for our trip early in the morning.

39. Take off – She took off her coat as soon as she stepped inside.

40. Understand – He's a bit tough to understand sometimes, but he means well.

41. Work out – I couldn't work out the solution to the problem.

42. Yawn out – She yawned out of boredom during the lecture.

43. Back up – Can you please back up your claims with evidence?

44. Blaze up – The argument blazed up when he accused her of lying.

45. Close down – The store had to close down due to a decrease in sales.

46. Dig out – She managed to dig out some old photos from her closet.

47. Fade away – Over time, her memory of the incident faded away.

48. Gaze up – They gazed up at the stars in the night sky.

49. Hold on – Hold on a second, I'll be right there.

50. Knock out – The powerful punch knocked him out in the first round.