Phrasal Verbs (Sentence examples: accede to – buy up)

1. Accede to: The government acceded to the public's demand for reform.

2. Act out: He acted out the entire scene meticulously.

3. Bank on: You should not bank on anyone indefinitely.

4. Bear with: Please bear with me while I explain the rules.

5. Blow up: The situation may blow up if not handled carefully.

6. Break down: His car broke down in the middle of the road.

7. Buy up: They decided to buy up the remaining stocks.

8. Call off: The meeting was called off due to an emergency.

9. Check in: You need to check-in before your flight.

10. Clean up: He cleaned up the mess after the party.

11. Cut out: He decided to cut out sugar from his diet.

12. Deal with: They had to deal with an unexpected crisis.

13. Die down: The protests have started to die down.

14. Drop in: I decided to drop in and see how they were doing.

15. Eat up: The kids ate up all the cake in minutes.

16. Fall through: Our plans for the weekend fell through.

17. Get away: I desperately need to get away on a vacation.

18. Head off: I decided to head off before the traffic built up.

19. Jump in: He jumps in any conversation without any context.

20. Kick back: It’s time to kick back and relax.

21. Look over: Please look over this contract before you sign.

22. Make up: She made up a story to cover her mistake.

23. Nod off: He nodded off during the meeting.

24. Opt out: They decided to opt out of the project.

25. Pass by: I passed by the store on my way home.

26. Put forward: He put forward an interesting proposal.

27. Rally around: The family rallied around during hard times.

28. Set aside: Set aside some time for relaxation every day.

29. Take off: The plane took off an hour late.

30. Undo: It’s difficult to undo the mistakes of the past.

31. Venture out: They ventured out for a stroll in the park.

32. Wait on: We are waiting on the approval to start work.

33. Zip up: Zip up your jacket, it's cold outside.

34. Quit smoking: He quit smoking for his health.

35. Back down: Despite the pressure, he refused to back down.

36. Point out: He pointed out the errors in my work tactfully.

37. Show up: She failed to show up for the meeting.

38. Rough up: He was roughed up by some thugs on the street.

39. Speak up: Speak up if you have a problem with the plan.

40. Turn around: The company's fortunes turned around under the new CEO.

41. Go on: The show must go on despite the technical difficulties.

42. Run out: We ran out of fuel halfway through our journey.

43. Hand over: He handed over the documents to the police.

44. Clear out: She cleared out her desk after quitting her job.

45. Plug in: Could you plug in my laptop please?

46. Branch out: The company plans to branch out into new markets.

47. Write down: He wrote down the recipe so I wouldn’t forget.

48. Cross off: He crossed off the items from his shopping list.

49. Look up to: He always looked up to his elder brother.

50. Keep away: Keep away from the fire, it's dangerous.