An adjective phrase (or adjectival phrase) is a group of words, whose head word is an adjective. It modifies or describes a noun or pronoun. The adjective phrase can be an attributive adjective coming before a noun or a predicative adjective coming after the noun that it modifies in a sentence. As a predicate adjective, it follows a verb or linking verb after the noun or the subject.




  • The hotel restaurant serves really delicious meals. (Attributive adjective phrase)
  • The air was filled with the fresh scent of flowers. (Predicative adjective phrase)
  • Everyone knows she is angry with you. (Predicative adjective phrase modifies pronoun.)
  • The sky is cloudy. (Predicate adjective cloudy follows the linking verb is after the noun/subject sky.)

An adjective phrase may be preceded by a determiner or a modifier..

  • Everyone knows she is very angry with you. (Adjective phrase modified by very.)