In a separable phrasal verb, the phrasal verb is transitive; that is, it takes an object which can be a noun or pronoun with the object coming between the verb and the particle. 



  • The wind blew the papers off the table.
    (The noun object papers comes between the verb blew and the particle off of the phrasal verb. Blow off = cause to move away by the wind)
  • You can drop me off at the railway station. 
    (The pronoun object me is placed between the verb drop and the particle offDrop off = take or leave someone at a particular place)
  • He deserved praise for managing to bring that off.
    (Bring off = succeed in doing something difficult)
  • We must give this wallet back to its rightful owner.
    (Give back: return something to someone)
  • She handed the leaflets out to whoever would accept them.
    (Hand out = give something to one person or many people)
  • His part-time office job is to put the files away
    (Put away = return something to the place where it is usually stored)
  • picked the boys up at the library.
    (Pick up = get or bring back someone from some place)
  • We have been putting some money aside every month for a new car.
    (Put aside = save [money] or keep [something] for the future)
  • He took days to throw those rotten apples away 
    (Throw away = get rid of something that is not wanted)
  • She wrote my phone number down on a piece of paper.
    (Write down = jot a quick short note of something)