Exercise: Verbs

Exercise 1: Identifying Verbs

In the following sentences, identify the verb or verbs. Write your answers in your notebook. Overview your answers after finishing.

  1. The cat sleeps on the couch.
  2. Maria studies for her exam.
  3. The children are playing in the park.
  4. Lucas is spending his vacation in Spain.
  5. She saw a movie last night.


  1. sleeps
  2. studies
  3. are playing
  4. is spending
  5. saw

Exercise 2: Fill in the Blank with the Correct Verb

Choose the correct verb to complete each sentence. Write your answers in your notebook. Compare them with provided answers.

  1. I _____ after school today. (jog / jogs)
  2. They ______ their homework. (did / does)
  3. My mother ________ cake every weekend. (bake / bakes)
  4. Sarah _______ her teeth twice a day. (brush / brushes)
  5. The boy _______ loudly. (scream / screams)


  1. jog
  2. did
  3. bakes
  4. brushes
  5. screams

Exercise 3: Choose the Correct Verb Form

For each of the following sentences, choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence. Write your response in your notebook and verify the answers given.

  1. I _____ to the store yesterday. (go / went / will go)
  2. She _____ on a trip next week. (goes / went / is going)
  3. They _____ watching a movie right now. (is / were / are)
  4. He _____ finished his homework. (have / has / had)
  5. We _____ to the park this weekend. (goes / went / are going)


  1. went
  2. is going
  3. are
  4. has
  5. are going

Exercise 4: Matching Verbs

Match the verbs from column A with their synonyms in column B. Please note them in your notebook and crosscheck with the answers enclosed.

Column A Column B
1. say a. move
2. write b. shout
3. walk c. scribble
4. scream d. announce


  1. d. announce
  2. c. scribble
  3. a. move
  4. b. shout