The word partitive is used to show that only a part of a whole or a piece of something is referred to. An uncountable noun can be made countable by using a partitive. For example, cheese is uncountable. Cheese cannot be counted as one cheese or two cheeses. But it can be made countable by using a partitive word such as a chunk or a slice of cheese.


Each of the following links shows a list of partitives such as a drop of painta plot of landa slice of bread, etc. Referring to a part of a whole, a partitive can very well be more than one part; for example, drops of paintplots of landslices of bread, or even some of the oranges. A basket of oranges is a whole and the partitive some is just a part of the whole.


The partitives in this list (List 2) include other expressions such as release of emotions, examples of which are a fit of jealousyan outburst of anger, and a twinge of sadness, which may not be termed partitives. The partitives are not separated into categories but are all lumped into one full list in alphabetical order for easy reference. 



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Activity - Cynicism

Danger - Fruit

Genius - Luck

Marble - Rum

Sadness - Sunlight

Tea - Yogurt