List 1 - Singular and Plural Nouns


Singular  Plural 
attorney-general attorneys-general
brother-in-law brothers-in-law
bystander bystanders
commander-in-chief commanders-in-chief
court martial courts martial
cupful cupfuls
father-in-law fathers-in-law
general staff general staff
go-between go-betweens
governor-general governors-general
handful handfuls
heir apparent heirs apparent
maidservant maidservants
man-of-war men-of-war
mix-up mix-ups
mother-in-law mothers-in-law
mouthful mouthfuls
notary public notaries public
passer-by passers-by
sergeant major sergeants major
sister-in-law sisters-in-law
son-in-law sons-in-law
step-parent step-parents
step-daughter step-daughters
step-mother step-mothers
tablespoonful tablespoonfuls
takeoff takeoffs



Some nouns have same singular and plural forms or have plural ending (-s) 
Singular  Plural    Singular  Plural 
boar boar/boars   reindeer reindeer/reindeers
buck (animal) buck/bucks   roe roe/roes
Eskimo Eskimo/Eskimos   Sherpa Sherpa/Sherpas
Karen Karen/Karens   shrimp shrimp/shrimps
mackerel mackerel/mackerels    trout trout/trouts
quail quail/quails   whale whale/whales