The subject usually comes before the verb, but there are sentences that have the subjects coming after the verbs. The verbs must still agree with the subjects.

“There” and “here”

Sentences that start with there or here will always have the subject placed after the verb. It’s important to identify the subject correctly so that the right singular or plural verb is used to match the subject. There and here are never used as subjects. The subjects in the following examples are nouns in bold.



  • There is a fly on your forehead.
  • There were three big men seated at the next table staring at me.
  • Here are the pills the doctor prescribed for her.
  • Here is the cemetery where he is buried.


In questions, the subjects usually come after the verbs



  • Does your girlfriend know you have a string of ex-girlfriends?
  • Have you heard my new ghost story yet?
  • Where are my potato chips on the table? 


The following examples show the subjects and their verbs in bold



  • Winding through the valley is a polluted river.
  • On top of the hill was a wooden shed.

  • Along a lonely stretch of beach were fishermen mending their nets.

  • Looking through his binoculars, he watches an eagle soaring high overhead.