As a conjunction, either comes before two or sometimes more possible alternatives which are separated by or.

  • That jumping creature is either a frog or a toad.
  • He will decide soon either to be buried or cremated after he died.


As a conjunction, neither is used to state two states or actions that are negative or not possible, and they are separated by nor.

  • He can neither hear nor speak.
  • We think she has the right weight, as she is neither fat nor skinny.


We can have a sentence with either or neither at the beginning.

  • Either we leave for the airport now orwe will miss the flight.
  • Neither her father nor her mother will help her with her homework.


Two nouns that are singular and are joined by either … or…or neither … nor, take a singular verb.

  • I believe neither Heaven nor Hell exists.
  • Neither the gorilla nor the chimpanzee has a tail.


When two subjects are different in number, and are joined by or or nor, the verb that follows agrees with the subject nearest or next to it.

  • Either he or you are telling the truth.
  • Either you or he is telling the truth.
  • Neither he nor you are telling the truth.
  • Neither you nor he is telling the truth.
  • Either you or I am going.
  • Neither you nor I am going.