As a determiner, either has a similar meaning to the pronoun. It is about one or the other oftwo people or things, and it comes before a noun.

  • I don’t mind which one. Just give me either one, please.
  • There is a door at either end of the long corridor.

We may use either before a pronoun or to show something is happening.

  • Either she is telling the truth or she does not know she is telling a lie.
  • Either he or his brother is going to marry her.


As a determiner, neither is used to show not either of two people or things.

  • Neither one of us is a smoker.
  • “I have found these two coins.” “Neither coin is mine.”


A noun that follows either or neither is singular.

  • You can choose either twin bed, and I will take the other one.
  • He was punched hard on the nose, but neither nostril was bleeding.