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Conjunctions join words, phrases and sentences together.


Conjunctions joining words:

Example: I have a car and a house.


Conjunctions joining phrases:

Example: The fisherman is happy walking along the beach and carrying a bucket full of fish.


Conjunctions joining sentences:

  • ¨ He walked to his car. He got into it..

He walked to his car and got into it.

  • ¨ Will you have tea? Will you have coffee?

Will you have tea or coffee?

  • ¨ She is tired. She cannot sleep.

She is tired but she cannot sleep.


Besides ‘and', ‘or' and ‘but', other common conjunctions include: because, if, so, although, unless, therefore, etc.


Conjunctions can join nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.


I have a pen and a book. (Joining two nouns)

He joked and we laughed. (Joining two verbs)

She is beautiful and tall. (Joining two adjectives)

He eats quickly and noisily. (Joining two adverbs)

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