pizzeria A place where pizzas are made, sold, or eaten.
plantation An estate where cash crops such as tobacco, coffee, rubber, oil palm, etc are grown on a large scale (especially in tropical areas).
platform A raised level surface along the side of a railway track where passengers get on and off trains.
port A town or city on a waterway where ships can load and unload cargo.
principality A state ruled by a prince.
prison A place where convicted criminals are confined as punishment or for those awaiting trial. 
quadrangle A courtyard, square or rectangular, surrounded on its four sides by buildings.
quarry A place, typically a large pit, where stone or other materials such as marble or slate are extracted.
quay A platform projecting from the shore into the water for ships to load and unload.
ranch A large farm in North and South America on which cattle or other animals are raised. 
refinery An industrial plant for refining or purifying crude substances such as sugar, oil, metal, etc.
reformatory A correctional institution to which young offenders are sent to reform rather than punish them.
refuge A place where one is sheltered from danger, trouble, etc.
repository A place where or container in which things are stored for safe keeping.
A place where there is an abundant supply of something.
reservoir A place, natural or man-made, such as a lake where water is collected and stored for use as a source of water supply.
residence A place in which one lives or resides.
resort A place frequented by tourists for holidays or recreation.
restaurant A place where meals are prepared and served to customers.
rotisserie A restaurant that specializes in serving roasted and barbecued meats.
runway A long narrow area of leveled, paved land along which aircraft take off and land.
sanatorium A place for the medical treatment of invalids or people who are undergoing recupeation.
sanctuary A place that provides refuge or protection.
A place where animals or birds are sheltered for breeding purposes. 
sanctum A study or a private place where one is not interrupted.
sauna A room or bathhouse in which the bather takes a steam bath that uses dry heat to induce perspiration.
scullery A room next to the kitchen where dishes are washed and other chores done.
sickbay A room where the sick are treated, especially as on a ship.
slaughterhouse A place where animals are slaughtered for food.
slum A dirty and unpleasant urban area that is severely overcrowded and densely populated by very poor people.
spa A place or resort with a mineral spring considered to have a healthy effect on the body. 
stable A building in which horses are kept, or a place where racehorses are kept and trained.
stadium A large closed but usually roofless arena where sports events and other performances are held with tiers of seats for spectators.
store A place where different types of goods are offered for sale.
A place where things are kept for use or sale when needed.
studio A room in which television or radio programmes are recorded, or from which they are broadcast.
A room in which artists such as painters, photographers or sculptors do their work, or dancers have their practice.
A place where films are produced for distribution to cinemas.
A small apartment or flat with a living room for sleeping as well, a bathroom and a kitchen.
study A room in a house used for studying, writing or reading.
suburb  The outer residential area of a town or city.
supermarket A large self-service retail store that sells a great variety of foods and household goods.
surgery A place where surgical operations are performed.
A room where a doctor or dentist can be consulted.
tabernacle A place of worship, used especially by the Mormons.
tannery A place where animal skin is made into leather by tanning.
theatre A large hall, with tiered seats for an audience, where plays are performed or movies shown. 
toilet A room in which a person urinates or defecates.
tomb A place, especially underground, for the burial of the dead.
topiary A garden having shrubs clipped or trimmed into decorative shapes, especially of animals
valley A stretch of low area between hills or mountains, usually with a river or stream flowing through it.  
velodrome An indoor banked oval track, usually with wooden flooring, for bicycle races.
vineyard/vinery A place where grapevines are cultivated to produce grapes for making wine.
ward A large room in a hospital with beds for a particular class of patients.
wilderness An uncultivated, uninhabited, and inhospitable region left in its natural condition.  
winery A place where wine is made.
zoo A place where wild animals are kept for display to the public.