haven A place of refuge or safety; a harbor or port.
heliport A place, which can also be on the roof of a building, for helicopters to land and take off.
homestead A house in which a family occupies and the area of land around it. 
hospice A nursing home providing supportive care for the terminally ill.
hospital A place where medical and surgical treatment and nursing care are provided for the sick and wounded.
hostel A place that provides cheap lodging for travelers, students, nurses, etc.
hotel A building that provides paying visitors with comfortable or luxurious accommodation, meals and other services.
howdah A seat, especially one with a canopy, for riding on the back of an elephant.
hypermarket A very large retail store offering the products of a supermarket and the merchandise of a departmental store. 
infirmary  A place where the infirm, sick, or injured are cared for.
inn A place, typically a small hotel in the countryside, that provides food and overnight lodging, especially for travelers. 
jail A place where people accused of a criminal offence are confined, or where people convicted of a crime serve out a sentence.
kindergarten A class or school for preschoolers.
kitchen A room in a house or part of a building used for preparing and cooking food.
lair A secluded or private place used for hiding, or one used by a wild animal for resting.
laboratory A room or building that has equipment for conducting scientific experiments, research or teaching, or for making medicinal or chemical products.
lamasery A monastery of lamas.
launderette A self-service laundry with coin-operated washing machines and dryers.
laundry A place where clothes are washed and ironed.
lavatory A flush toilet or a room equipped with a washbowl or basin for washing the hands and face, and a flush toilet.
leprosarium A hospital for the treatment of people (lepers) who suffer from leprosy.
library A building that houses a vast organized collection of books, and periods, etc for reading or reference, and for use and borrowing by the public.
lobby A hall at the entrance of a public building such as a hotel, etc, serving as a waiting room.
lodging A temporary place for someone to stay.
lounge A place in an airport, hotel, etc where one can sit and wait for something, or just relax.
mall A large enclosed shopping complex that is closed to traffic. 
A street lined with shops and is for pedestrians only.
market A large building or open area where people gather to buy and sell goods, commodities, livestock, etc. 
megalopolis A very large and densely populated city or a number of large cities or towns, due to close proximity, merge to form an urban complex.
metropolis The main city or capital city of a country.
mortuary/morgue A place, usually in a hospital, where dead bodies are kept pending examination, identification or claim by someone, or until they are buried or cremated.
mosque A Muslim place of public worship.
motel A hotel for motorists, with easy access to the car park from the rooms.
multiplex A building that has a number of cinemas inside it.
museum A place or building where objects of lasting historical, scientific, cultural, or artistic value or interest are stored, preserved, and exhibited to the public.
necropolis A large cemetery where people of an ancient city are buried.
nunnery A religious house of a community of nuns.
nursery A place where young plants and trees are raised for sale or replanting in another place.
A place where young children are cared for while their parents are away.
oasis A fertile area in a desert where there is vegetation because of the presence of water (water table) close to the ground surface.
oceanarium A large seawater aquarium for fish and other sea creatures used for the study or display of marine life.
orangery A special protective building, such as a greenhouse, in which orange trees are cultivated.
orchard An enclosed area of land where fruit trees are grown.
orphanage A public institution that provides housing, care and protection to children whose parents are dead.
oubliette A dungeon whose only means of entrance or exit is the trapdoor in the ceiling, as found in some ancient castles.
pagoda A religious especially Buddhist temple usually constructed in the form of a tall pyramidal many-tiered tower with storeys of diminishing size.
patio A paved outdoor area that is next to or joined with the house, generally used as a sitting room.
penitentiary A prison for offenders convicted of serious crimes.
penthouse A luxurious apartment found on the top floor of a building.
perfumery A place where perfumes are made and sold.
piggery A place or farm where pigs are kept and reared.
pit An area beside a racetrack where racing cars are refueled or serviced during a race.