cellar An underground room or space used for storing things. 
A place where wine is stored.
cemetery A place used as a burial ground for dead people.
chalet A small private house or room used by holidaymakers within a holiday complex. 
chateau A large country house or castle in France.
cinema A theatre where films are shown.
circus A circular arena surrounded by tiers of seats enclosed in a large tent where performances by a travelling company of acrobats, clowns, trapeze artistes, trained animals, and other entertainers take place. 
clinic  A place where some kind of advice, medical treatment or instruction is given.
colliery A coalmine and its buildings and equipment.
condominium A building made up of multiple individually owned flats.
confectionery A shop that sells sweets, chocolates, candies, etc.
conservatory A room with glass walls and roof, usually attached to a house, used for growing and displaying plants.
A school for the study of music, arts, etc.
corral An enclosed area where horses, cattle, etc. are kept.
cottage A small, single storey house on a farm or in the country used for vacations or as a summer home.
courtyard An open space enclosed by walls or buildings, within a castle or large house.
creamery A place where milk and cream are made into butter and cheese.
crematorium A place where bodies of dead people are burnt to ashes.
cubbyhole A small enclosed space or room.
cubicle A small compartment, as for work or study.
A small sleeping compartment, especially within a dormitory.
dairy A place where milk is kept, and butter and cheese are made.
delicatessen A shop that sells foreign prepared or cooked foods.
depository A place where things are deposited for storage or safekeeping.
depot A place where buses, locomotives, etc. are kept and maintained.
A place where goods, commodities, etc. are temporarily stored.
desert An area of dry and hot land covered with sand, and has very little rain, and little or no vegetation, and without habitants.   
diner A railway carriage in which meals are served at tables.
dinette A small part of or an area near a kitchen that is used for eating meals.
dispensary A place where medicines are prepared and dispensed, especially in a hospital.
distillery A place where strong alcoholic drink is produced by distillation.
dock A place in a port where ships are loaded and unloaded or repaired.
An enclosure in a court of law where a defendant stands or sits.
dormitory A large sleeping room with many beds in a boarding school, etc. for a number of people to sleep in.
downtown The central part or main business area of a city.
dungeon A strong, dark underground prison cell, especially in a medieval castle.
emporium A large store offering for sale a wide variety of goods.
esplanade A long stretch of open level paved ground beside the seashore for people to walk along
estate An area of land and buildings developed for residential (housing estate), industrial (industrial estate), or commercial (trading estate) purposes.
A large area of land where coffee, rubber, or other crops are cultivated.
factory A place where goods are manufactured or assembled.
foundry A place where metals are melted and molded.
foyer An entrance hall or open area, especially in a hotel, theatre, cinema, etc.
gallery A building or long narrow room devoted to the exhibition or sale of works of art such as paintings, sculptures, etc.
garage A building where one or more vehicles are kept, repaired or serviced.
garden A piece of land adjoining a house or a public space where flowers, fruit, vegetables or other plants are grown.
ghetto A poor section of a city inhabited predominantly by members of a minority ethnic group, socially and economically deprived and often discriminated against, and with typically high rates of crime.
granary A place where grain such as wheat, corn, rye, oats, rice, or millet is stored.
greengrocery A store selling fresh vegetables and fruits.
greenhouse A glass building in which the temperature and humidity can be controlled for the cultivation of plants. 
gymnasium A hall or building equipped for doing physical exercises.
habitat The natural environment in which an animal or a plant usually lives or grows.
hangar A very large building for housing aircraft.
harbour A place on the coast, either naturally formed or artificially constructed, where ships may moor in shelter.
hatchery A place for hatching eggs of fish by artificial means or of poultry.
haunt A place often visited by a particular person.