abattoir A place where animals are slaughtered for food.
abode A place in which a person lives.
aerodrome A small airfield for the landing and takeoff of small planes.
airfield A field where aircraft can take off and land.
airport A place where civil aircraft land and take off, usually with runways, a control tower, hangars, and aircraft maintenance, refueling and customer facilities. 
alley/alleyway A narrow passageway, especially one between or behind buildings. .
amphitheatre A large circular building without a roof and with many rows of seats rising in tiers around a central space for dramatic or sporting events.
anteroom A room usually serving as a waiting room that is adjacent to another (larger) room.
apiary A place where bees and beehives are kept; the bees are kept for their honey.
aquarium A transparent tank of water in which live fish or other aquatic creatures and plants are kept.
arboretum A place, especially a botanical garden that is devoted to the cultivation of a wide variety of trees and shrubs, especially for scientific study or exhibition.
archive A place where public historical documents or records are kept.
arena A central area used for public events and entertainments and usually surrounded by seats for spectators.
armoury A place where weapons are stored.
arsenal A place such as a building where weapons, ammunition and other military items are manufactured and stored.
attic A space or room directly under the roof of a house often used for storing things.
auditorium The part of a theatre or hall occupied by the audience.
aviary A large cage or enclosure in which birds are kept.
bagnio A place of prostitution; brothel.
bakery A place where bread, cakes, and pastries are baked or sold.
barracks A building or group of buildings used as a residence for soldiers.
battery A series of small cages in which chickens are kept for large-scale production of eggs.
bazaar A market consisting of a street lined with shops and stalls selling a large variety of good.
bedchamber A bedroom.
beehive  A wooden structure in the form of a dome or box that houses a swarm of bees which are kept for producing honey.
billet A civilian house where soldiers live temporarily.
boudoir A woman’s bedroom or private sitting room.
boutique A small retail shop selling fashionable clothes or accessories.
bordello A house of prostitution; brothel.
borstal A special prison in which convicted offenders who are not old enough to be in an ordinary prison are detained for corrective training.
brewery A place where beer is brewed commercially.
brickyard A place where bricks are made, stored, or sold.
brooder A heated enclosure in which young fowl are raised.
brothel A house where men pay to have sex with prostitutes.
butchery A place where animals are killed for meat.
bullring A circular arena where bullfighting takes place.
bunkhouse A building where ranch hands or farm workers are lodged.
byre A farm building in which cattle are kept; cowshed.
cabaret A restaurant or nightclub that provides live entertainment while the audience dine and drink at tables.
cabin A small wooden house in an area of forest or mountains.
A private room or compartment on a ship, in an aircraft or spacecraft for passengers or crew members.
caboose A train carriage, usually the last one on the train, for the use of the train crew.
cafe A coffee-house or small restaurant selling light meals and drinks.
cafeteria  A self-service restaurant that is customers carry their own meals on trays to the tables.
cannery A factory where foods are canned.
canteen A place in a workplace or educational establishment where food and meals are available for sale.
caravansary/caravanserai An inn with a large central courtyard which accommodates travelling caravans in the desert regions of Asia or North Africa.
casino A building where gambling takes place, and usually provides other amenities.
cattery  A place where cats are bred or looked after.
cave An underground hollow or natural passage into the earth which can be accessed from the ground surface or from the sea.
cavern A large underground cave.