abbey A building or group of buildings occupied by a community of monks supervised by an abbot or nuns supervised by an abbess.
ashram A secluded place of religious retreat for a community of Hindus.
bethel A place of worship, especially one for  seamen.
cathedral The principal church of a district under the pastoral care of a bishop.
chapel A small church or room of Christian worship that has its own altar, especially in an institution.
church A building used for public Christian worship.
cloister A place of religious seclusion, such as a monastery or convent.
conventicle A place of assembly for religious worship, especially one that was secret or illegal by members of a Protestant Church which dissented from the established Church of England.
convent A building or group of buildings occupied by a community of nuns devoted to a religious life under a superior.
friary A monastery of friars.
hermitage A house or home of a person who has withdrawn to a solitary place for a life of religious seclusion.
lamasery A monastery of lamas.
masjid/musjid A Muslim place of worship; a mosque.
monastery A building or group of buildings where a community of monks live together in seclusion and bound by religious vows.
mosque A Muslim place of public worship.
nunnery A religious house of a community of nuns.
pagoda A religious especially Buddhist temple usually constructed in the form of a tall pyramidal many-tiered tower with storeys of diminishing size.
pantheon An ancient temple dedicated to all the gods.
priory A monastery governed by a prior, or a nunnery governed by a prioress.
retreat A place of seclusion for prayer and religious meditation or contemplation.
sanctuary A place which is the holiest part of a temple or religious building.
sanctum A holy or sacred place.
see A district under the pastoral care of a bishop and where his cathedral is located.
shrine A place for worship which is regarded as holy because of its association with a revered person or object.  
stupa A dome-shaped monument erected as a Buddhist shrine.
synagogue A building where Jewish people assemble for religious worship and religious study.
tabernacle A place of worship for the Nonconformists or Mormons.
temple A building used for the worship of a deity or deities in some religions.
tope A place of worship in the form of a rounded dome forming the roof erected as a Buddhist shrine; a stupa.