airway A specified route used by aircraft to fly from one airport to another.
aisle A passage between rows of seats in a church, cinema, aircraft, etc or between shelves in a supermarket.
alley/alleyway A narrow passageway between or behind buildings in a city.
A route in a garden or park between trees or shrubs for recreational walking.
ambulatory A covered walkway that can be found in a church, monastery, hospital, etc.
arcade A covered passageway with shops along one or both sides.
artery An important route in a traffic or transport system.
autobahn An expressway in Germany and other German speaking countries (Austria and Switzerland).
autostrada An expressway in Italy.
avenue A broad road or path with trees along both sides.
boulevard A wide city street with trees on each side.
bridge A structure that supports a road, railway or path over a river, railway, road, etc to provide a passage across for vehicles or people.
bypass An alternative route such as a main road or highway that passes around an urban or congested area so that traffic can be diverted from it.
bypath A secluded little-used path, especially in the country.
byroad/byway A side road little travelled.
carriageway Each of the two sides of a dual carriageway, consisting of two or more lanes.
catwalk A long, narrow platform extending from the stage, along which models walk to display clothes in a fashion show.
A narrow elevated walkway used to provide access or allow movement for workers as in a construction site, etc.
causeway A raised road or track across wet ground or water.
clearway A road on which vehicles are not allowed to stop unless they break down.
cloister A covered passage round an open courtyard, especially in a religious institution.
corridor A long, narrow passageway with rooms on both sides opening onto it.
A passage that provides access to train compartments, ship cabins, etc.
crosswalk A place on a road marked off for traffic to stop and pedestrians to walk across.
detour An alternative route for temporary use by traffic when the usual road is closed.
drive/driveway A private road that connects a public road to a house, garage, etc.
esplanade A long stretch of open level area beside the sea for people to walk along.
expressway A multilane highway for fast moving traffic with few if any intersections.
flyover A bridge along which a road or railway line passes over another road.
flagging A pavement or walk laid with flagstones.
footbridge A bridge that is used by people who walk.
footpath A narrow path, especially in the countryside, for people to walk along,
footway A path used by pedestrians.
freeway An express highway with no intersections.
A highway without toll charges.
gangway A raised platform used as a passage.
A removable bridge linking a ship to the shore for people to get on and off.
A passage between two rows of seats, for example in an aircraft, cinema, or bus.
ginnel A narrow passageway between buildings.
hallway A corridor in a building or a passageway between the entrance and the interior of a building.
highway A main public road that connects towns and cities.
lane A narrow road in the countryside, or a narrow street in the city.
A designated route for ships or aircraft to follow.
mall A sheltered public walk; a promenade.
motorway A wide road with at least three lanes meant for fast traffic and long distance travel.
overpass A bridge that supports a road or railway passes over another road or railway line.
parade A public walk or promenade for strolling.
parkway A wide road that passes through a garden or park-like landscape, usually with plantings on the roadside and on the divider separating the road on which traffic travel in opposite directions.
paseo A street, walkway, or plaza for strolling.
passage A way along which someone or something may pass.
passageway A long, narrow way that provides passage.
path/ pathway A way or track that leads from one place to another.
pavement A stretch of paved surface of an area that is a little higher than the road for pedestrians to walk on, on one or both sides of the road.
promenade A paved or grassy level stretch of public place beside a river or sea for a leisurely walk.  
ramp An inclined slip road leading onto or off a main road or highway.
road/ roadway A long public way, hard surfaced for vehicles to travel on between places.
route A way such as a road, path, etc for transportation or travel from one place to a destination.
shortcut An alternative route that is shorter than the usual one.
sidewalk A paved walkway along the side of a street for use by pedestrians; a pavement.
skywalk An enclosed overhead walkway between two buildings.
skyway A designated route regularly used by aircraft when flying from one airport to another.
speedway A track used for racing motorcycles or special automobiles.
A highway for fast-moving traffic.
street A paved public road in a city or town, usually with buildings and pavements on one or both sides.
superhighway A broad highway, often with six or more lanes, used for high-speed traffic.
subway An underground passage under a road for use by pedestrians.
thoroughfare A main road from one place to another.
thruway A broad highway for high-speed traffic that can enter or exit at certain points.
towpath A path alongside a river, canal or other inland waterway used by animals for towing boats.
track A path or trail made by repeated passage of people, animals, or vehicles rather than constructed.
trail A beaten path through rough country such as a forest.
tramway A track with rails along which a tram or streetcar runs.
tunnel A passage under ground, through a mountain, or under a body of water for road or rail traffic.
turnpike A road on which the driver pays a toll for using it.
underpass A road or railway passing under another road or a railway.
viaduct A long, high bridge carrying a road or railway over a wide valley, lowland, etc.
walk A route for leisurely stroll.
walkway A passage or a raised passageway for walking along from one place, building, etc to another.
A wide path for walking in a park or garden.
way A road, track, path, or street  that can be used to go from one place to another.