Grammar Lessons

Homonym is a word that is spelt the same or sounds the same
as another word but is different in meaning.
air heir loan lone
ail ale made maid
allowed aloud mail male
arc ark main mane
ate eight meat meet
bad bade medal meddle
bail bale missed mist
bald bawled muscle mussel
ball bawl none nun
bare bear oar ore
beach beech one won
bean been pail pale
bear bare pain pane
beat beet pair pear
bee be patience patients
beet beat peace piece
bell belle peal peel
berry bury plain plane
birth berth plane plain
blue blew pore pour
boar bore practice practise
board bored praise prays
bough bow pray prey
bow bough principal principle
boy buoy profit prophet
brake break rain reign
buy by/bye rap wrap
ceiling sealing read reed
cell sell read red
cent sent right write
cheap cheep ring wring
check cheque road rode
coarse course role roll
cord chord root route
dear deer rose rows
die dye sale sail
dun done scene seen
Dye die sea see
ewe you seam seem
eye I sew sow
fair fare sight site
feat feet soar sore
find fined sole soul
flea flee son sun
flew flu soot suit
flour flower stair stare
flower flour stake steak
fool full steal steel
fore four stile style
forth fourth suite sweet
foul fowl tail tale
fur fir tear tier
gait gate their there
grate great threw through
groan grown throne thrown
hair hare tide tied
hall haul to two
heal heel told tolled
hear here too to, two
heard herd towed toad
here hear urn earn
higher hire vain vein
him hymn vale veil
hole whole vein vane, vain
hour our waist waste
idle idol wait weight
key quay way weigh
knew new weak week
knight night wear where
knot not whole hole
know no witch which
lain lane wood would
lead led write right
leak leek yoke yolk
lessen lesson yore your
People Home
boarder boarding house
convict prison
Eskimo igloo
gypsy caravan
king palace
lodger lodging house
lumberman/jack log cabin
lunatic  asylum
man house
monk monastery
noble castle
nomad tent
nun convent/nunnery
parson parsonage
patient  hospital
peasant cottage
pioneer wagon
priest temple
prisoner cell
Red Indian wigwam, tepee
soldier barracks


Creature Home
ant nest, ant-hill
bear den
beaver lodge
bee hive
bird nest
chicken coop
cow byre, pen
dog kennel
eagle eyric
earthworm soil
fish water
fowl coop
fox lair
hare form
horse stable
lion lair, den
mouse hole, nest
owl barn, nest
pig sty
pigeon dovecote
rabbit (tame) hutch
rabbit (wild) burrow, warren
sheep pen
snail shell
spider web
squirrel drey
tiger lair
tortoise shell
turtle shell
wasp nest