Grammar Lessons

List 19 comprises of the following segments:

  1. All three forms are the same.
  2. Only the simple past and past participle are the same.
  3. All three forms are different.
Adult (animals) Young
bear cub
boar piglet, pigling
buck (rabbit) rack
buffalo calf
bull (cattle) calf
bull (elephant) calf
camel calf
cat kitten
cow calf
deer fawn
dog puppy
elephant calf
fox cub
giraffe calf
goat kid
hare leveret
hippopotamus calf
horse foal
kangaroo joey
leopard cub
lion cub
pig piglet
possum joey
rat pup
rhinoceros calf
seal pup
sheep lamb
stallion foal
tiger cub
wallaby joey
wolf cub
zebra foal
Adult (birds) Young
bird fledgling, nestling
cock chicken
cock (pigeon) squab
drake/duck duckling
eagle eaglet
gander gosling
goose gosling
grouse poult, cheeper
ostrich chick
owl owlet
partridge poult
pheasant poult
pigeon squab
swan cygnet
turkey poult
Adult (insects) Young
ant grub
bee grub
beetle grub
butterfly caterpillar
cockroach nymph
dragonfly nymph
grasshopper nymph
housefly maggot
mosquito wriggler
moth caterpillar
Adult (fish) Young
eel elver
oyster spat
salmon parr
shark cub
trout fry
whale calf
Adult (amphibians)  Young
frog tadpole
toad tadpole
turtle hatchling