Antonym refers to a word that means the opposite of another word.

above below hill valley
abroad home humble proud
absent present husband wife
absent present in out
accept refuse include exclude
active passive increase decrease
add subtract increase decrease
admit deny indifferent interested
adult child inner outer
alive dead inside outside
all  none insult praise
allow refuse interested bored
always never interesting dull
arrive depart joy sorrow
asleep awake junior senior
back front kind cruel
backwards forward kind cruel
bad  good knowledge ignorance
barren fertile lazy industrious
beautiful ugly lead follow
before after least greatest
begin end leave arrive
bent straight lend borrow
best worst level steep
better worse life death
big small liquid solid
black white long short
blameless guilty loss gain
bless curse loud soft
blunt sharp love hate
bold timid majority minority
bold timid many few
boss employee masculine feminine
bravery cowardice master servant
break repair mean kind
bridge tunnel miser spendthrift
bright dull modern ancient
broad narrow most least
busy idle motorist pedestrian
buy sell mountain valley
capture release natural artificial
catch throw near far
cheap dear never always
city country niece nephew
clean dirty noise silence
clever  foolish noisy quiet
cloudy clear normal abnormal
clumsy graceful north south
coarse fine notice ignore
cold hot obey command
come go obtain give
comedy tragedy often seldom
comfort disturb old new
common rare omit include
common unusual open shut/close
contract expand order chaos
cool warm overlook notice
coward hero pardon punish
cowardly bold part whole
create destroy past future
cry laugh peace war
daily nightly plural singular
danger safety polite rude
dark bright polite rude
dawn dusk poor rich
day night powerful weak
deep shallow praise blame
depth height public private
die live public private
difficult easy punish reward
dim bright pupil teacher
discourteous polite purchase sell
divide multiply push pull
doctor patient question answer
drunk sober quick slow
dry wet raw cooked
dwarf giant raw cooked
early late real imaginary
east west right left
easy difficult rise fall
ebb flow rough smooth
empty full sad cheerful
enemy friend safe dangerous
enjoy dislike safe dangerous
entrance exit same different
evening morning separate join
ever never several few
everybody nobody silly serious
everywhere nowhere similar different
exit entrance slim fat
fact fiction smile frown
failure success smile frown
fair dark straight crooked
famous unknown straight crooked
fancy plain strange familiar
far near strong weak
fat thin summer winter
fat skinny sweet sour
few many sweet sour
find lose talk listen
finish start tall short
first last tame wild
flatter insult teach learn
foe friend teacher student
foolish wise these those
foreign local thick thin
forget remember this that
found lost tight loose
freeze thaw tiny huge
fresh stale top bottom
fresh stale trainer trainee
friend enemy trust doubt
full vacant truth lie
future past under over
generous selfish unusual ordinary
give receive up down
give take upset comfort
graceful awkward vacant occupied
guilty innocent vacant occupied
guilty innocent valuable worthless
happy sad victory defeat
happy sad villain hero
hard easy war peace
hard soft wide narrow
head tail win lose
heavy light wise foolish
hell heaven within without
help hinder work rest
here there wrong right
hide show yes no
high low young old


Antonyms (un-)

attractive unattractive justifiable unjustifiable
able unable known unknown
acceptable unacceptable lawful unlawful
accompanied unaccompanied licensed unlicensed
arm unarm like unlike
certain uncertain lock unlock
comfortable uncomfortable necessary unnecessary
common uncommon patriotic  unpatriotic
conscious unconscious popular unpopular
dress undress prepared unprepared
equal unequal safe unsafe
ethical unethical  screw unscrew
even uneven seen unseen
fair unfair selfish unselfish
fold unfold steady unsteady
friendly unfriendly suitable unsuitable
happy unhappy tidy untidy
healthy unhealthy tie untie
just unjust used unused
kind unkind willing unwilling
known unknown wise unwise


Antonyms (dis-)

advantage disadvantage enfranchise disenfranchise
agree  disagree honest dishonest
allow disallow incentive disincentive
appear disappear indispensable dispensable
arm disarm like  dislike
arrange disarrange loyal disloyal
associate disassociate obey disobey
believe disbelieve proportionate disproportionate
connect disconnect order disorder
continue discontinue own disown
embark disembark satisfied dissatisfied
encourage discourage trust distrust


Antonyms (in-)

accurate inaccurate
active inactive
adequate inadequate
admissible inadmissible
attentive inattentive
correct incorrect


Antonyms (im-)

mature immature
mobile immobile
moral immoral
mortal immortal
movable immovable
patient impatient
perfect imperfect
polite impolite
possible impossible
probable improbable
proper improper
pure impure


Antonyms (mis-)

handle mishandle
judge misjudge
spell misspell
understand misunderstand
use misuse


Antonyms (-less)

careful careless
harmful harmless
helpful helpless
hopeful hopeless
painful painless
pitiful pitiless
powerful powerless
shameful shameless
useful useless