Coordinating conjunctions Meaning Use 
and also to introduce something to another thing that is already mentioned.
but however to introduce  something contrasting with what has been mentioned
or alternative to show choices
for because, since to show the reason for something
nor not either to show not one or the other
so therefore to link possibilities 
yet in spite of that to add something that is contrasting or unexpected




Different types of subordinating conjunctions.

Time Place Reason Purpose Contrast Comparison 
after where as so although as
as wherever because   though like
before   for   whereas than
ever since   since   while though
since       yet  
as soon as          
now that          




Different types of subordinating conjunctions.
Condition  Choice Exception Degree Preference  consequence Indirect question
if   except      so whether
providing than but     that if
unless whether          
provided that rather than   as far as rather than so that  
seeing that       sooner than such that  
as long as         in order that  
so long as            
even if            



Correlative conjunctions
Correlative conjunctions Meaning
either .. or One or more things that are available as another possibility
neither .. nor Putting two negative ideas together
both . . And Add something to another thing
not .. but Replacing something with something else
not only . . (but) also Adding something to another thing
If .. then Showing a result that is dependent on something else
Whether .. or Expressing a choice between alternatives

Other correlative conjunctions:

as … so
as … as
the … the
although … yet
so … that