dabble in: When I was little I used to dabble in water.
dance to: As soon as the music was played, couples got up and danced to it.
dash off: He dashed off a quick note and left it on the table for the family.
date from: Some of these coins date from the 12th century.
dawn on: The truth finally dawned on him that she really meant what she said.  

deal in: My uncle's shop deals in genuine antiques.
deal with: They seem unable to deal with the long-standing problem.
debate on: People are unhappy that there has been no public debate on these issues.
debate with: I see no point in debating with someone who holds extremist views.
decide on: Have you decided on the dress you will be wearing for the occasion?

declare to: He declared to us that he will be unable to chair the meeting.
declare on: The African nation has declared war on locusts which destroyed crops.
decrease from: The prison population has decreased from ten thousands to nine thousands.
decrease in: Human beings decrease in size as they grow older.
dedicate to: He has dedicated his entire life to helping the homeless. 
deduce from: The police deduced from the evidence that more than one person were involved.
defeat by: Our team was defeated by two goals to one.
defer to: Young people are expected to defer to the wishes of their elders.
defraud of: The accountant defrauded his company of tens of thousands of dollars.
delegate to: An able administrator should be able to delegate authority to the right person. 
deliberate about/on: They spent hours deliberating on the matter.
delight in: Jack delights in telling stories about his days in the army.
deliver to: The postman delivered the letter to her house.
demand from: They demanded an apology from me for something I said.
demote from: The soldier was demoted from sergeant to corporal.  
denounce for: He was widely denounced for his deviant religious teachings.
depart from: The first train departs from Birmingham at 6.00 a.m. tomorrow.
depend on/upon: Their future depends on their hard work, and not on their teachers.
deprive of: The prisoners of war were deprived of proper medical attention.
derive from: The country derived enormous benefit from direct foreign


descend from: The plane started to descend from high altitude as it approached its destination.
describe to: The main witness described briefly to the police what happened.
desist from: He was warned to desist from such undesirable behaviour.
despair of: She despaired of reviving the relationship that existed between her and Jack.
destined to: The emperor's son is destined to succeed him.
detect in: He detected a change in her attitude towards her.
deter from: Heavier penalties may deter motorists from committing more traffic offences.
detract from: A blemish detracts from the beauty of her skin.
deviate from: We had to deviate from our usual route due to a fallen tree across it.
devolve on: When the leader is away, his responsibility devolves on his assistant. 


devote to: Jane wants to devote herself entirely to caring for the elderly people.
dictate to: It is often difficult to refuse to be dictated to by rule or principle.
die away: I could only sleep after the noise caused by thunderstorm died away.
die down: The storm has died down and the sea become calmer.
die from: My dog died from its wounds sustained in a fight with another dog. 
die of: More and more people are dying of cancer of various parts of their bodies.
die out: The old French custom of serving the vegetables separate from the meat has died out.
differ from: Humans differ from monkeys in their not having a tail.
digress from: The story-teller digressed from his story for a while.
direct to: He directed the traveler to the railway station. 


disabuse of: I didn't say anything to disabuse him of that belief.
disagree with: Jack disagrees with Jill on almost everything.
disapprove of: Mother strongly disapproves of her daughter dying her hair red and blue.
discharge from: He was certified clinically insane and discharged from the army.
disconcert by: We were disconcerted by her statement. 


discourage by: She is easily discouraged by adverse criticisms.
discourage from: Incentives have been cited to discourage students from playing truant..
discriminate against: You should not discriminate against people from ethnic minorities.
discriminate between: We were unable to discriminate between fake and genuine goods.
disguise as: He disguised as a clown to entertain children.
disgusted by: They were disgusted by her antisocial behaviour.
dismiss from: She was unfairly dismissed from her job.
dispense with: We will have to dispense with the question-and-answer session to save time.
dispose of: To dispose of nuclear waste is a major challenge to the countries concerned.
dispossess of: The captors dispossessed the captives of their valuables. 


disqualify from: He was disqualified from participating for flouting a rule.
dissent form: John dissented from the majority opinion.
dissociate from: Jack dissociated himself from the views expressed by Jill.
dissuade from: His mother dissuaded Mike from taking up car racing.
distance from: He distanced himself from all the remarks made by her.


distinguish between: It is important to distinguish between fact and fiction in the film.
distinguish from: It's difficult to distinguish one of the twins from the other.
distinguish by: He distinguished himself by scoring the highest number of goals in the season.
distract from: He is easily distracted from whatever he's doing by the slightest noise.
diverge from: The path diverges from here and we don't know which one to follow. 


divert from: Traffic had to be diverted from the main road due to a major accident.
divest of: Sons of aristocrats were divested of their power.
divide between/among: The money was to be divided equally among the children.
do away with: My wife wants me to do away with my vast collection of old magazines.
do for: Employing a temporary worker will do for the time being. 

do in: Painting the house really did me in./It is believed a hired killer did his boss in.
do out of: She was done out of $100 by a door-to-door salesman this morning.
do over: The report contains errors and the boss wants him to do it over.
do up: He bought an old car and did it up./She looks more beautiful when she did her hair up.

do with: With this warm weather, I could do with a cold drink.
do without: I wish she would keep quiet; I can do without all this grumbling.
double as: The secretary doubled as the receptionist just for that day.
doze off: I dozed off when I was watching television.
drag into: I had nothing to do with it but was dragged into the embarrassing situation.
draw on: Luckily I have a savings to draw on to buy her a present.


draw up: Thinking he's going to die soon, he drew up a will./The taxi drew up in front of me.
dream away: At times, I couldn't help but dream away the hours.
dream of: He told me he had always dreamed of striking the first prize of the lottery.
dream on: When I asked if she's going to help me with the cooking, she told me to dream on.
drive at: He didn't say exactly what he meant. But I knew what he was driving at


drive for: You look tired; why not let him drive the car for you?
drive to: I always like to drive to the sea-side.
drive away: His bossiness has driven his friends away.
drive off: He was probably angry when without a word, he just got into his car and drove off.
drive up: The rise in oil price drives up other prices. 


drop in: He always drops in for a chat without prior notice.
drop out: He shouldn't have dropped out of school, but he did.
dry out: Our washing dried out very quickly in this hot weather.
dry up: The prolonged drought had caused all the rivers to dry up.
dwell on/upon: Nobody likes to be with Bobbie because she always dwells on the past. 


eat in: I am cooking tonight so we are eating in.
eat into: The high bills are eating into my savings.
eat out: It's your birthday; let's eat out and celebrate tonight.
eat up: Who ate up all my potato chips?
egg on: The boys didn't want to fight but their friends kept egging them on.


elaborate on: He refused to elaborate on his next course of action.
eliminate from: Jack was eliminated from the competition by a stronger opponent.
embark on/upon: John has finally decided to embark on a career in banking.
embody in: The ideals of equality and freedom are embodied in the country's constitution.
embroil in: Bob found himself unexpectedly embroiled in a heated argument.


emerge from: When the deer emerged from behind the bush, the hunter shot it dead.
emigrate from: When his family emigrated from their homeland, he was only five years old.
employ as: Ryan was employed as a security officer at the airport.
encompass by: The entire area was encompassed by a dense forest.
encourage by: We were greatly encouraged by the massive support for our proposal.
encroach on/upon: The expansion of farmland is encroaching on animals' habitat.
end in: Their argument ended in a fist fight.
end up: The driver took a wrong road and we ended up somewhere else.
end with: We ended our tour of the area with a visit to the souvenir shops.
endear to: Her friendly attitude endeared her to everybody she met at the social gathering.
endow with: Ronnie is certainly endowed with a good sense of humour.
endue with: She seems to be endued with a good sense of direction.
engage in: I tried to engage her in conversation.
engage to: Jill is engaged to my brother./I engaged a private tutor to improve my written work.
engross in: Granny often engrossed herself in her writing.
enjoin from: He was enjoined by law from stalking her.
enlarge on/upon: Could you please enlarge on your last statement?
enrage by: She was enraged by his derogatory comments.
enrich by: My life has certainly been enriched by extensive reading.
entitle to: Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion. 


entrust to: The parents entrusted their baby to a nanny when they had to go overseas.
entrust with: I entrusted her with the responsibility to manage the business while I was away.
envelope in: The mountain peaks were enveloped in clouds.
equip for: I think we are well equipped for the climb.
escape from: To date many prisoners have escaped from that prison. 


escape into: The enemy soldiers escaped into the forest.
escape with: She was very lucky to escape with her life.
estimate at: The crowd of protesters was estimated at three thousands.
excel in: Johnny excels in a number of things including swimming.
exclude from: They exclude us from the trip.


excuse from: We requested to be excused from participating.
expatiate on: Once again he is expatiating on his favourite topic of communism.
expect from: Wives expect faithfulness from their husbands.
expect of: Faithfulness is expected of a husband.
expend on: The government has to date expended twenty million dollars on the housing project.


explain to: The mystery was not fully explained to the viewers.
export to: The country exports huge quantities of military wares to third world countries.
expose to: His behaviour exposes himself to ridicule and criticism.
extract from: After five hours of interrogation, the police extracted a confession from him.
extricate from: Finally he managed to extricate himself from a very difficult situation.


face up to: He has to face up to the fact that he has to study hard to pass the exam.
face with: The scientist was faced with many unknown factors.
fall back on: She has her big savings to fall back on if need be.
fall behind: I'd better hide the car as I have fallen behind in my payments.
fall in: Poor construction let the roof and ceiling fall in after a few years. 
fall into: He fell into the habit of talking to himself. 
fall in with: He falls in love with every girl he meets.
fall off: Business along the main road fell off after a series of public demonstrations.
fall out: Sarah fell out with her boyfriend after knowing her for only two months.
fall through: The plan fell through and they agreed to renegotiate.


fall to: It fell to the eldest son to manage the business after the death of his father.
familiarize with: The new guard familiarized himself with the internal layout of the building.
find with: He finds fault with everything the new worker does.
feel for: We certainly feel for the victims of the plane crash.
feel like: Sometimes I feel like taking a walk in the rain.
feel toward: I can't describe how I feel toward that girl but I think I like her.
fend for: Everyone has to fend for himself in this world.
ferret out: The police managed to ferret out his motive for the killing.
fight against: The defending champion is going to fight against the challenger tonight.
fight for: Freedom is something that is always worth fighting for


fight off: The leader of the party has to fight off his image as a dictator.
figure on: I was figuring on meeting him tomorrow.
figure out: We spent the whole night figuring out how to make him change his mind.
fill in: We found someone to fill in for Sarah when she was away on medical leave.
fill out: I have to fill out the form and hand it in as soon as possible.


fill with: We have filled all the glasses with wine and are now ready to propose a toast.
find out: We were shocked when we found out that he was a man and not a woman.
fit in: The new member has learned quickly to fit in with the others.
fit out: The entire building was fitted out with air conditioners but they were not working.
fix on: They haven't fixed on a venue for the next match.
fix up: We have to fix the spare room up for our guests.
focus on: The astronomer focused his telescope on the comet.
follow around: Quit following me around, will you?
follow through: Ensure the report is followed through so that all amendments are included.
follow up: The investigation was followed up with the arrest of the gang leader.
fool around: You want to fool around; it's up to you, but surely not in the office.
fool with: He fooled with his neighbour's dog once too often and got badly bitten on the hand.
force on/upon: He forced another big pizza on us when we already had more than enough.
forget about: James drank a bit too much and forgot about catching the train home.
forgive for: I will not forgive him for not forgiving me for what I said about him. 


foul up: Heavy rain fouled up our trip to the mountain.
freeze over: Whatever the lake freezes over, there's bound to be people skating on it.
fret about: She always has something to fret about.
frighten by: Mrs
. Muffet was frightened by a hairy spider while sitting on a park bench.
frighten away: Rumours of a big white shark frightened no one away from the beach.


fritter away: The boy frittered away whatever money he had on the gaming machine.
frown at: The lady frowned at him for talking very loudly on his cell phone.
frown on/upon: She can't help frowning on those who sport multicoloured hair.
furnish with: Each of the six bedrooms is furnished with a big desk, swivel chair and soft rug.
fuss over/about: Their only child fussed about not having a window seat on the plane.
fritter away: The boy frittered away whatever money he had on the gaming machine.
frown at: The lady frowned at him for talking very loudly on his cell phone.
frown on/upon: She can't help frowning on those who sport multicoloured hair.
furnish with: Each of the six bedrooms is furnished with a big desk, swivel chair and soft rug.
fuss over/about: Their only child fussed about not having a window seat on the plane.