jack up: The storekeeper dare not jack up prices because of a supermarket nearby.
jam with: The entrance was jammed with crowds trying to get in.
jar on: The constantly loud music from next-door neighbour is starting to jar on my nerves.
jeer at: The spectators jeered at their own team for their poor performance.
jockey for: The riders jockeyed for the best position.


join in: We join them in clearing up the beach.
joke with: The more we joked with each other, the closer we became.
jot down: I jotted her telephone number down on a piece of paper but I lost it on my way home,
judge by: We do not judge a book by its cover, do we?
judge fromJudging from the look on his face, we suspected he's the one who took it.


jumble up: I arranged those things in a neat order but someone came along and jumbled them up.
jump at: I jumped at the chance to visit the Niagara Falls.
jump on: My mother never failed to jump on me whenever I was home late.
justify to: He tried to justify his decision to us by saying that he had no alternative.
jut out: We marveled at the huge rocks jutting out from the steep side of the cliff.


keep at: We kept at it until we completed it ahead of schedule.
keep away from: You should keep away from the dangers of heavy smoking.
keep back: I think she is keeping something back that she does not want us to know.
keep from: He has only two months to live and we should keep him from knowing.
keep offKeep your hands off my pizza.


keep on: She keeps harping on the one little mistake I made.
keep out: She should keep the puppy out instead of sleeping with it.
keep out of: Why don't they keep out of the politician's personal affair.
keep to: Why did you beat about the bush? Keep to what you wanted to say.
keep to (oneself): He trusts no one and so keeps to himself most of the time.


keep up: The furious barking of the neighbour's dog kept me up the whole night.
keep up with: She's always trying to keep up with her siblings.
keep/bear in mind: These are well-known sayings; keep them in mind.
knock down: The speeding car knocked down a villager's goat.
knock off: James can't knock off work at the same time every day.


knock over: His dog was knocked over by a motorcyclist when it was running across the street.
knock out: The underdog knocked out his opponent in the last round.
know about: Nobody in the area knows much about the accident.
know of: I know of one policeman who always receives bribe.
knuckle down: He had better knuckle down soon or else he'll never get through those exams.


lapse into: He lapsed into a coma and died two days later.
laugh at: Everybody will laugh at a funny clown.
lay off: Mark was laid off after working for the company for twenty years.
lead to: We took the wrong way which led us to the cemetery.
leaf through: Bob leafed through many magazines while waiting at the clinic.


lean on: In times of difficulty it would be great to have someone to lean on for support.
learn about: When we were children we learned about the birds and the bees.
leave for: We're leaving for funfair.
leave off: Let's continue from where we left off, shall we?
leave out: This is the first time he is left out of the squad for the World Cup.


lecture about/on: He lectures on the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome.
lend to: I lent the lawn mover to my neighbour.
let in: Let's open the windows and let the air in.
let off: If you pluck my apples again, I'll not let you off.
let out: Every evening we let the dog out.


let up: It looks like the rain is not going to let up, so what shall we do?
level at: All he can do is level criticism at others.
level with: The developer leveled the old building with an explosive charge.
levy (a tax/fine/charge, etc.) on: The state government has levied a new tax on gasoline.
lie down: He was told to lie down for the doctor to examine him.


lie on: Joe likes to lie on a bench in the park.
liken to: I can never forgive him for likening me to an old turkey.
limit to: Each customer is limited to two packets.
listen for: John must listen for the right signal before he can respond.
listen in: He listened in to their whispering.


listen to: We listened in silence to his cock-and-bull stories.
live at: As far as I know, he still lives at the same address.
live in: I would like to live in an igloo one day.
live off: They were a weird bunch who lived off welfare
live on: I live on a street where there are many stray dogs.


lock out: This is the second time I've locked myself out.
long for: Bob longed for an exciting experience at Antarctic.
long to: He longed desperately to be with her.
look after: Who is going to look after our parrots when we go on vacation?
look ahead: Let's forget the past and look ahead.


look around: We were looking around for a public toilet.
look at: The officer looked at my passport and waved me through.
look away: When I smiled at her again, she looked away again.
look back on: When I look back on those moments, I realize how foolish I was.
look down: She often looks down to avoid meeting her eyes.


look down on: He looks down on anyone whom he thinks is not successful.
look for: Police are looking for a man with a heavily tattooed face.
look forward to: I look forward to seeing that clown again.
look in: Every other day we look in on grandpa and see if he needs anything.
look into: We had better look into the high turnover of staff.


look like: It looks like she is going to demand an explanation from him.
look on: Only one person helped him, the others just looked on.
look out forLook out for pickpocket while we are at the airport.
look over: I looked the shorts over and found they had no pockets.
look through: I looked through your drawers but I couldn't find your bunch of keys.


look to: They are looking to the last runner to win the relay.
look up: I enjoy enormously looking words up in the dictionary.
look up to: He is the kind of man most people look up to.
lure away: The company tried to lure the salesman away from their competitor.
lurk around: They called the police when they saw a man lurking around outside their house.


make (a fool) of: Whenever he is drunk, he is certain to make a fool of himself.
make (a fuss) about/over: She made a big fuss about not being offered a drink.
make away with: When no one was looking, I made away with a bar of chocolate.
make for: We quickly made for the river bank when our boat started to leak.
make (fun) of: The kids always make fun of Mick's big ears.


make to: He tried to make love to every girl he met.
make of: His last word before he died was about poison; what do you make of that?
make off: He made off when the alarm sounded.
make off with: A pickpocket made off with my wallet.
make out: She whispered angrily in my ear, but I could not make it out.


make over: He made over his entire estate to his children.
make towards: She made towards the exit when she had made all her purchases.
make up: It's pretty obvious she made that story up.
make up: An indecisive leader, he often finds it hard to make up his mind.
make up to: Jill made up to Jack in hopes of getting him to help her.


mark down: The store attracts a big crowd as most items on sale have been marked down.
mark off: She marked off all the items she has bought.
mark out: They have marked out the area for vehicles to park.
marvel at: I marvel at his ability to maintain composure in any given situation.
matter to: I'll buy it, the colour does not matter to me.


meditate on/upon: He meditated on the different solutions to the problem.
mention to: She didn't mention it to me when I met her last night.
migrate between: Some whales migrate between one part of the ocean and another.
migrate from: Some species of birds migrate from Europe to Africa.
make up: Can't you make up your mind to buy the blue or red one.


mingle with: Participants from various nations mingled freely with each other after the events.
minister to: Volunteers minister to the injured.
mix up: I called the wrong number when I mixed your telephone number up with another.
mix with: He does not mix well with other members.
model on: This system is modeled on the one that originated in the United States.


move out: We decided to move out when the landlord increased the rent again.
mull over: We mulled over the procedure for possible adoption.
multiply by: Two multiplied by two is four.
muse on/over: He sat musing over the sudden change of attitude of his girlfriend.
muster up: He failed to muster up the minimum support required to stand for election.


name after: The street is named after the Prime Minister's son.
narrow down: The judges have narrowed the finalists down to the last five.
news – break (the news) to: The doctor had to break the news to his family.
nibble away at: She likes to nibble away at something when she watches television.
nod off: He often nods off while watching televison.


object to: I object to your casual comments about my hair.
obtain from: All this false information was obtained from the Internet.
occur to: It never occurred to me that you really believe the world is flat.
operate on: The doctors had to operate on him immediately to save his life.
oppress by: Ethnic minorities had been oppressed by the occupying forces for years.


originate in: This crazy idea could only originate in your head.
outrage by: Women nationwide were outraged by his sexist remarks.
overcome by: His stammering was eventually overcome by speech therapy.
overrun by: The wasteland was overrun by rodents.
overwhelm by: He was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response.