saddle up: We have to saddle up and ride out of here now.
saddle with: I'm not even an assistant manager, but I'm saddled with his duties while he's away.
sail from: We'll be sailing from this harbour to Calais next week.
sail into: Mary sailed into the hall where a party was going on.
satisfy with: Anne is still not satisfied with his explanation.


save for: Pam saved a piece of pizza for my supper.
save from: Firemen saved the occupants of the building from being burnt to death.
say about: She wasn't pleased when she overheard what I said about her.
say to: What do you want to say to her now that she has left you?
scare of: Those crows are not really scared of the large scarecrow.


scare off: That big human-like scarecrow failed to scare off the crows.
scare up: See if I can scare up enough money to buy you a nice Christmas present.
scoff at: He scoffed at my suggestion that we renovate the clubhouse.
scrape up: She scraped up whatever money she has to pay off the car.
screw up: The negotiation failed because you really screwed it up.


search for: The police searched the whole woodland for the escaped convict.
secede from: Why did the state secede from the Union in 1816?
see about: I asked if she would join me for dinner tonight, she said she would see about it.
see after: We chose him to see after the organization of the party.
see into: The accountant will see into the discrepancies in the books.


see off: Of course, I would be most grateful to see my mother-in-law off at the airport.
see through: He is determined to see the whole project through.
see to: When I was staying with them, Mary saw to all my needs.
sell for: Jack has been selling tickets for the concert at a higher price.
sell out: Their new batch of Hawaiian shirts is completely sold out.


send for: An accident has occurred and someone has already sent for an ambulance.
separate from: Her father is separated from her mother.
serve as: This spare room will serve as a bedroom while they are staying with us.
serve under: He is serving under his father-in-law as an assistant manager.
set about: We set about clearing up the whole garage.


set against: The increases in our salaries have to be set against the rising cost of living.
set aside: Every month we set aside a portion of our salaries for the purchase of a car.
set back: The raining season will set back the completion of the building project.
set down: I woke up and set down in detail the dream I just had.
set forth: Together, they set forth for an unknown destination.


set off: Someone set the bomb off with remote control.
set in: Global warming has set in and with it more problems will arise.
set on: The farmer threatened to set his dogs on the trespassers.
set out: They set out on a journey to the Far East.
set up: Jack and Jill have set up a retail business.


settle down: She felt she would settle down only when she was ready to.
settle for: John felt his compensation claim was justified and would not settle for anything less.
settle on: They have settled on the date for the next meeting.
settle up: We decided to settle up and leave this bar for home.
sever from: He severed branches from the tree with a chainsaw.


shake with: At the reunion we shook hands warmly with each other.
share in: The wife does not share in her husband's enthusiasm for jogging.
shell out: I had to shell out three dollars just for one parking place.
shield from: New import tariffs will be introduced to shield local firms from foreign competition.
shoot up: Prices of most kinds of food for small children have shot up.


shop for: I have been shopping for a Mexican hat, but haven't found anything I like.
shout at: Please don't shout at the dogs; it will not stop them from barking.
shout for: Why do you shout for help when you are not in danger?
show off: Tim showed off his new toys to his friends.
show up: He has just shown up when he was supposed to have done so two hours ago.


shrink from: Bob shrank from the first sight of blood.
shudder at: I shudder at the thought of the child dying from injuries in the crash.
shut off: Mum always remembered to shut off the stove when she finished cooking.
shut up: She's done all the talking since we started; she should shut up and give others a chance.
side against/with: The two sisters always side with each other against their mother.


sin against: I feel I've sinned against my religion by raising doubts and querying about it.
sit around: He would sit around quietly for hours and watch was happening.
sit at: He would sit at the table without eating but watch other people eating.
sit in: As the show has to go on, Joe agreed to sit in for Bozo the clown who is absent.
sit on: Sometimes we would sit on a long bench in the park and chatted away to each other.


sit through: Our boss delivered a lengthy boring speech and we had to sit through it.
sit up: Whenever there's a late football match on television, we would sit up and watch.
slack off: Tourism business at the resort slacks off during the winter.
slide on: The kids enjoyed themselves sliding on the ice.
slip up: The police slipped up when the wrong person was arrested.


slow down: The police roadblock had slowed down traffic to a big snarl-up.
smile at: I mistakenly smiled at her, thinking I knew her, but she looked away.
snap at: I don't understand why she often snapped at me for no good reason.
snap off: She stopped reading, snapped off the light and closed her eyes to sleep.
snap on: She snapped on the light when she entered the bedroom.


sneer at: They sneered at his ludicrous suggestion.
sound off: Mike is always sounding off about every current issue.
speak about: His grandfather would speak to you about anything under the sun.
speak of: He had his reason for never ever speaking of his ex.
speak on: George loved to speak to women on women's issues.


speak to: Frankly, if I could help it I wouldn't want to speak to her.
specialize in: The store specialized in coffins for dogs and cats.
spring at: The showman touched the head of a cobra with a stick and it sprung at him.
spur on: His initial success spurred him on.
stamp out: The government is determined to stamp out corruption.


stand against: Her daughter will be standing against her in the parliamentary election.
stand around: The crowd just stood around waiting for the ambulance to arrive.
stand by: Two calls were received for ambulance, but only one ambulance is standing by.
stand for: He is not going to stand for her personal insult much longer.
stand on: She stood on tiptoe to pluck a pear.


stand out: Your dyed red hair will certainly make you stand out in any crowd.
stand up: He looks taller if he stands up straight.
stand up for: We have to stand up for our rights.
stand up to: He wouldn't dare stand up to his boss when he knew he's right.
star in: She will star in a new movie whose title is yet to be announced.


stare at: They just stared at each other not believing they had not seen each other for forty years.
start for: The weather turned bad and we had no choice but to start for home.
start off: He started off as a postman and now he's postmaster.
start on: I've finished reading the first chapter, so now I can start on the second chapter.
start with: Let's start our training session with doing some warm-up exercises.


stay at: His wife resents his staying late at the office almost every night.
stay up: Sometimes I stay up late to watch television.
stay with: I prefer staying at home with my dog to going out.
steal from: Two policemen were arrested for stealing from the police station.
stem from: The high volume of sales of ice cream stemmed from the exceptionally hot weather.


step up: The police are stepping up their regular patrols of the area.
stick aroundStick around until he arrives, then we will go for a meal.
stick toStick to the point, otherwise our meeting will never end.
stick up: A stranger tried to stick him up, but he fought him off.
stick up for: Will you stick up for me? There are too many of them.


stir up: You like to stir up her emotions. Look how excited she is now.
stoop to: You don't have to stoop to his level and quarrel with him.
stop from: His parents tried to stop him from smoking excessively.
straighten out: We managed finally to straighten out our differences before he passed away.
straighten up: You'd better straighten yourself up if you want to gain respect.


stricken with: One wonders how long he will live now that he's stricken with a fatal disease.
strike against: The ship sank after its side struck against an iceberg.
strike for: The workers unanimously decided to strike for higher wages.
strike up: I have struck up a friendship with her after meeting her a few times in the library.
strip from: Some members of a tribe stripped the bark from the trees to use as medicine.


strip of: The president had been completely stripped of his power in a military coup.
strive after: Artists continuously strive after artistic beauty.
strive against: Man has to constantly strive against the elements.
strive for: We must always strive for perfection in whatever we do.
struggle with: Alone, he had to struggle furiously with his attackers till help arrived.


study for: She knows she has only two weeks left to study hard for her A level exam.
submit to: Both parties agreed to submit their dispute to arbitration.
subscribe to: There are still people who subscribe to the flat-earth theory.
subsist on: They subsisted on canned food during the winter.
subtract from: He thought he could subtract his personal expenses from his gross profit.


succeed in: The escaped prisoner succeeded in evading capture for several months.
sue for: The minister threatened to sue the opposition member for slander.
suffer from: Millions of children in the world today suffer from malnutrition.
suggest to: She suggested to me that I should buy her more fresh flowers.
suit to: I think you did not suit your dress to the occasion.


sum up: He finally summed up his speech to the relief of the audience.
supplement by: Jack supplemented his income by training parrots to sing.
supply with: Only two companies supply the hospital with medical equipment.
surpass in: Mary surpasses her sister in beauty.
surround by: He emerged from the conference centre and was surrounded by noisy reporters.


swarm with: On weekends the zoo is swarmed with visitors.
sweat it out: The boxer is sweating it out in the gym until his next fight.
swerve off: Driving quickly on a wet road caused his car to swerve off the road into a ravine.
switch over: They are going to switch over to the new teaching method.
sympathize with: I sympathize deeply with the bereaved family.


take aback: I was taken aback by what he said.
take after: Jenny certainly takes after her mother.
take back: OK, I take back what I just said. Now, don't you curse me anymore.
take down: Please take down what I'm going to say.
take for: Now, don't you take me for a fool.


take in: Jill was taken in by the company's false claims about its products.
take off: I was late and the plane took off without me.
take on: After a new coat of paint, the old house takes on a new look.
take out: It's your turn to take out the rubbish.
take out on: It's your own fault, why take it out on the children?


take over: When you take over the driving, don't sound the horn unnecessarily.
take stock of: You should take stock of your bad habits and eliminate them.
take to: Jim took to excessive drinking when his girlfriend left him.
take up: Since my retirement, I've taken up stargazing.
take up with: He's taken up with his new neighbour's kids.


take upon: Mark took it upon himself to paint the whole house.
talk about: Will you stop talking about me behind my back?
talk around: She doesn't agree with me; do you think you can talk her around?
talk back: This kid will never hesitates to talk back to her mother.
talk down: Mike often talked down the good things Betty did for him.


talk down to: It's wrong to talk down to them like that; they are cleverer than you think.
talk into: I didn't want to get involved in the robbery, but he talked me into joining them.
talk out of: She talked me out of seeking work overseas.
talk over: I think we'd better talk it over before we decide to buy a yacht.
talk to: I talked to his parents about his throwing stones at my dogs.


talk with: I talked with her on the telephone, but she suggested we talk in person.
tally with: The two witnesses' accounts of the accident don't tally with each other.
tamper with: The defence lawyer is going to prove that the evidence had been tampered with.
tantamount to: His statement is tantamount to a confession.
taste like: The new sauce tasted exactly like sour milk.


taste of: The soup tasted strongly of water.
tear down: Several houses were torn down to make way for the new highway.
tear into: I said she might be wrong and she tore into me.
tear up: She tore up the letter after reading it.
tease about: We teased her about her many childhood fights with boys.


tell about: She never told me about the big money she won in a lottery.
tell off: John ran for a bus but bumped against a woman who told him off.
tell on: Her constant worrying is beginning to tell on her face.
tend toward: Joe tends towards obesity.
terms – come to (terms) with: He felt he had to come to terms with being a prisoner.


thank for: I thanked her warmly for not grumbling the whole day.
think about: Money is what I think about all the time.
think of: Jack thinks often of Jill.
think over: Jillian prefers to think it over for a while, before deciding on his proposal.
think through: George thought through the possible consequences of his action.


think up: It was Paul who thought up the plan to raise more money.
thirst for: A new entrant in the art world, he is already thirsting for fame.
threaten with: Many fish species are threatened with extinction due to over fishing.
thrive on: Many marine creatures still thrive on coastal mangrove swamps.
throw at: Tom threw a rotten egg at the speaker's face.


throw away: He threw away his old books and magazines.
throw in: With blood coursing down the boxer's face, they realized they'd to throw in the towel.
throw out: Jane refused to throw out the old books and magazines which cluttered the lounge.
throw to: You are supposed to throw the ball to me, not him.
throw up: Bob, as usual, threw up after he had overeaten.


tie down: She wants to get married, but she doesn't want to be tied down.
tie in: It was a disaster when the two events were supposed to tie in, but they didn't.
tie up: The accident tied traffic up for hours.
tip off: The police must have been tipped off when they made a sudden raid on the warehouse.
touch at: Our ship touched at Cape Town for a few hours.


touch down: The big crowd cheered when the spacecraft touched down safely.
touch on: In his lecture on the subject, he touched on the writer.
touch up: She touched her face up before she appeared on stage.
toy with: He was toying with his fork and knife while thinking about skiing in Colorado.
trade in: The seller allowed him to trade in his old refrigerator so that he could buy a new one.


traffic in: John was arrested by the police for trafficking in stolen goods.
trample on/upon: Despite the "keep off the grass" sign, the visitors trampled on the grass.
transfer to: We can only transfer a skill from one person to another through training.
transform into: The once sleepy fishing village has been transformed into a popular tourist centre.
translate into: Ideas remain ideas unless they are translated into action.


trespass on: As it's late now, let's leave and not trespass on their hospitality
trick into: They were tricked into investing in a dishonest scheme for making money.
trip over: He nearly tripped over the toys.
triumph over: With perseverance she would ultimately triumph over adversity.
trust in: I trust in God.


trust with: Not all the banks can be trusted with people's money.
try for: I'm going to try for that jackpot.
try on: She tried it on but it didn't fit her.
try out: They tried her out for the role.
tuck in: I forgot to tuck in my shirt when I took that photo.


tune in: He tunes in to the radio nightly.
turn against: His supporters turned against him when he defected to the opposition party.
turn around: A new general manager was appointed to turn around the ailing company.
turn away: The circus turned people away as all the seats were taken.
turn down: She turned down his proposal for the tenth time.


turn in: I lost my passport at the airport and someone turned it in to the police.
turn into: The audience applauded when the magician turned a carrot into a rabbit.
turn off: Her heavy makeup really turned me off.
turn on: Girls with long hair really turns me on.
turn out: It turned out that the butler was the one who committed the murder.


turn out for: An estimated ten thousand people turned out for the fireworks display.
turn out to be: The burglar who stole the diamond turned out to be the police inspector.
turn over: The abandoned baby was turned over to the welfare department.
turn to: She turned to taking drugs for her depression.
turn up: A woman who was reported missing a few weeks ago turned up at the press office.