undertake to: The new government undertook to reduce personal income tax.
unite behind: The leader called upon the people to unite behind him to deter foreign aggression.
urge onUrged on by his supporters, he ran the fastest race of his life.
use up: Someone has used up all my discs.
usher in: There were fireworks and people were reveling to usher in the new year.


value at: His wealthy uncle bought paintings valued at over $300,000.
vary from: As a street vendor, his takings vary from day to day.
veer off: The car veered off the road into a ravine.
verge on: Her extreme anxiety at times verges on a nervous breakdown.
vie in: John and Johnny have been vying in the same contest for the past four years.


vie for: Only three contestants vied for the top prize.
vouch for: His long-time friend vouched for him in his application for a new licence.
vote on: As the men couldn't agree on the most beautiful lady, they decided to vote on it.
vow to: She vowed to devote the rest of her life to caring for the poor.
vaccinate against: Nowadays children are vaccinated against a variety of diseases.


wager on: Bob wagered one hundred dollars on the white horse.
wait for: They waited in vain for her to turn up.
wait on: She waits on customers with utmost courtesy and patience.
wait up: Sean waits up for her every night.
warn about: I warned the kids about the danger of playing with fire.


warn against: I was warned against buying the house which was supposedly haunted.
warn of: They warned us of the risks involved in investments in stocks and bonds.
wash down: We had venison steak washed down with red wine.
wash off: Robert washed the dirt and dust off the wall before painting it.
wash out: The match was completely washed out by the unexpected weather.


wash up: The carcass of a whale was washed up the beach.
watch for: We watched the screen for the flight schdules.
weed out: Those not so physically fit were the first to be weeded out.
whisk away: The police arrested the suspect and whisked him away in the police car.
wipe out: The recent earthquake wiped out the entire village.


wish for: I wish for the luck to strike the lottery jackpot.
withdraw from: She withdrew from the beauty contest due to death threats made against her.
work for: She was told that she had been working for a crook.
work off: Janet always uses swearing words whenever she tries to work off her anxiety.
work on: Tommy spent weeks working on the sculpture.


work out: The burglars have worked out how they're going to sneak into the whisky warehouse.
work up: I certainly worked up a big appetite after a marathon jog.
work with: I find it utterly impossible to work with her unless she changes her attitude.
worry about: She worries more about me than I worry about her.
worry over: I habitually worry over the slightest thing.


write back: I've written her ten letters in the past weeks, but she has not written back.
write down: You don't have a good memory, so you'd better write down whenever you need to.
write in: Hundreds of viewers wrote in to complain after the show.
write out: He couldn't speak due to a bad sore throat, so he wrote it out instead.
write up: Each one of us had to write up a report on human rights for the meeting.


yank on: He kept yanking on the dog's tail and before long he got bitten.
yearn for: Joan yearns for Mr. Right to appear.
yearn to: He couldn't get used to life in a boarding school and every day he yearned to go home.
yell at: They yelled at him not to get into the bullring.
yield to: The victim's family agreed to yield to the kidnappers' demand for ransom.